Obamacare = Slavery

I pretty much agree with the points Nick Gillespe makes here on Reason TV

But I’ll go one further. This decision by the Supreme Court is the worst since Dred Scott which was where the Supreme Court ruled Africans and their descendants brought to the US weren’t protected by the Constitution. Or where the Supreme Court upheld a ruling that concentration camps were lawful for interning Japanese-Americans regardless of whether they had done anything wrong (and all their property was confiscated by the state). And then there’s Kelo which basically said it was ok for cities to make deals with developers and seize people’s property so the city can get rich off their land. The Supreme Court acts unlawfully on occasion and does things that are not constitutional. It all depends on how the courts are stacked. President Obama stuck in two ideological fanatics, one of whom should have recused herself because she had a hand in writing the law.

If he gets reelected be certain there will be more appointments like the ones he made to stack the courts even further with hacks who show little regard for the bill of rights.

Justice Kagan didn’t recuse herself, which in itself an act act of judicial impropriety. For five justices to claim the government has the right to compel people to buy a commodity is an outrage and will have severe consequences. Politicians won’t stop making people buy stuff if they can get away with it here. Justice Roberts basically said its a tax and Congress can create new taxes. But this is a tax whereby you are forced to buy health insurance and that means you are compelled to do what the state tells you. They can start making you buy other things and claim its a tax now. It also means they now “own you” and can start telling you how to live. Your personal health affects actuarial tables. This means they can punish people for smoking, being overweight, whatever else they decide is unhealthy. If you think they are extreme now with their laws against smoking and junk food just you wait. They will start taking it far beyond where it is now. And they will find new things to complain about. They are constantly looking for new reasons to tell us what to do.

I’m old enough to remember when you could smoke in restaurants, movie theaters, grocery stores. No smoking started as a suggestion. Now look where we are. You may think that its good the way it is but now they are starting in on junk food. They started with suggestions. Articles telling you this will kill you and that will kill you. They changed the definition of the BMI so anyone not skinny was labeled obese and now we’re seeing airlines punishing people for being fat, cities banning soda and salt. It’s only the beginning.

When the state dictates every aspect of your life down to what you eat, when they make you buy things, when they act like they own you from cradle to the grave and now control the very mechanisms and institutions that are responsible for keeping you alive, you are truly a slave. 1984 is fast becoming non-fiction.

We cannot allow this to continue and that includes whatever Romney wants if he plans to replace Obamacare with anything like his Romneycare which has metastasized into something that’s ruined healthcare in Massachusetts and driven insurance prices through the roof there.

The state doesn’t own you. Nor do they have the right to tell you how to live. But they don’t care about the laws. They show a flagrant disregard for them on a daily basis. At what point to we make them stop?

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