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  1. Wow really bizarre. So if American Soldiers can kill any American on the battlefield in Afghanistan or in Pakistan, Yemen etc that is tryin to kill American soldiers how is the “assasination” and not self defence. If there is a list of people to just go kill then whose on that list and why. If you don't know why do you believe there is a list??

    Furthermore this guy Glen complains that if the administration can assasinate American Citizens without due process then what can't they do. I am concerned that this guy thinks the government can assasinate people with due process. I file this one under WTF?

  2. Yes, this is from MSNBC and lefty Glenn Greenwald. My issue is that Obama issued this mandate, and it's way worse in some ways than Bush's policies. It's also from a president who has no freaking clue. So I don't know what's worse.

    But at least the left are starting to catch on that Obama is a disaster.

    This is almost as coherent as an Alvin Green speech

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