I’ve been dealing with pain from a kidney stone most of last year and finally got an operation on Wednesday to deal with it. They use sound waves to break it up in your body into tiny pieces so it can pass out of me. They put a stent in my bladder to make it easier for the pieces to pass and there’s where the fun begins.

The operation went great and I didnt feel any pain, even when they put in the stent. The drugs they gave me were really good. I got a spinal similar to what they give women when they give birth, which basically gets rid of the pain below a certain pain completely. And after the operation I haven’t felt any kidney pain anymore which is a relief.


When I have to urinate, which is often thanks to that stent, its the most painful thing I ever experienced. And not from passing the stones. Because of the stent. I’m having these “bladder spasms” which feels like the most intense pain imaginable exploding in my back. So bad my body locks up and I cant do anything. It goes away fast after I pee, but oh man is it harsh.

The other fun part is when I feel the need to go I better get there fast or its gonna happen where I stand. Fortunately, they tell me it should dissipate and it does seem to be hurting less today. I had the operation on Wednesday. They’ll take the stent out later next week. But I haven’t even been able to go to work the last two days.

Be glad when its over.

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  1. When my arm got mangled in that motorcycle accident, the worst part of the hospital stay was not the pain from the arm injury–in fact, that barely hurt at all, because the nerves had been damaged.  I was refusing the morphine by the next morning because not only did I not need it, but it made me puke and the injections hurt like a bastard.  No, the worst part was the foley catheter.  I actually talked them in to taking it out early even though they warned me if I didn’t urinate normally within four hours they’d put it back in (not fun).
    God damn I hated that thing.

  2. My mother also had a kidney stone problem, too.

    Not fun… It delayed my parents’ Florida trip a while until the doctors cleared her.

    She was saying the catheter wasn’t fun, either.

    Come to think of it, I don’t think I ever want a catheter put in me unless there’s no alternative!

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