Palin Resigns

The surprise resignation of Sarah Palin as governor of Alaska is probably causing a lot of cackling in evil lefty land.

“We got her!!”

Of course, the DNC made a statement that this proves she can’t take the heat so is unfit to hold office. Even though she resigned because too much of her time and her staffs was spent fending off the endless bogus ethics charges and other games the Democrats played. They have really gone after her like no one I can recall except Republican presidents like Bush. It’s really setting a very disturbing example of the kind of fascistic tactics the left is taking these days towards people they want to destroy. Tom Delay, Newt Gingrich, they were all too good at their job so they ran them out of office and now Sarah Palin.

Meanwhile, the most corrupt and unethical congress I can ever recall is running the government right now.

I have a feeling all this is about to come back to bite them hard. They are not making friends by taxing people to death with these new bills.

If they think running Palin out of her office is going to make her go away I think they will be in for a shock.

If not for the stupidity and ineptitude of the Republicans, the Dems were almost wiped out 6 years ago. They are seriously overplaying their hand now.

The anger out there is growing and palatable. I am really looking forward to tomorrow’s tea party attendance. Let’s see how the media spins it now.

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  1. “It’s really setting a very disturbing example of the kind of fascistic tactics the left is taking these days towards people they want to destroy.”

    Uhmmm, isn’t that what the evil rightwing fascists (and you?) are doing too, against the left, and Obama …

  2. Apparently you don’t know what fascism is. It’s when the state orders companies around. That is exactly what is happening under Obama,

    You also don’t seem to understand that right wing fascism makes no sense. Fascism has always been a left wing system. Nazis were socialists

  3. If it confuses you too much, you could always just swap “fascist” with “dicks” in my first comment …

  4. You didn’t ask a question, you’re just trolling. Calling me an “evil right wing fascist” makes you an insulting child. If you can’t act likle a human then go back to your creep parade.

  5. This whole blog is one big whining trolling rant …
    It’s sad that your only response to my question, is that I’m an “insulting child”. It’s obvious that you can’t handle being challenged by someone pointing out the hypocrisy of your comments.

  6. Hi Name,

    You know the real problem? People wasting their time arguing amongst themselves about irrelevant bullshit. This is the sole reason why democracy is dead in the US. Those in power must find it so amusing watching the left v right argument play out, fuelled by the media. Meanwhile, the agenda roles on. Any true dissent is drowned out by this bickering about Bush this, Obama that, Palin this.

    I used to post on here against the fascist Bush regime, and James and I would trade arguments ad naseum. Anyway, now those eight years have passed, and now the Democrats get their go. But you know what? Apart from a few superficial differences on social issues, the policies are the same. Bush started the bailout madness, Obama continued it. Obama promised to bring troops home, and he turns out sending more. They’re both criminals.

    Put simply, it is a two faction, single party. Don’t waste your time argueing within this false paradigm. Instead take a step back and think about ways of enacting real change.

  7. Name, your so called question is a rhetorical insult. If you want to ask a question you need to start by not insulting people first.

    If you bothered to actually check out the links I provide in each article, you’d see I back up what I say. I am not right wing. I am anti-big government. That is where the fight is. Limited government vs big government/statists.

    And if you are a Obama supporter, you are on the side of fascism, not me. I am for liberty and freedom and individual rights. Obama is opposed to those things.

  8. I’m sure you see it as a “rhetorical insult” -fine, whatever. Can’t help but notice the question remains unanswered.

    You are NOT right wing?!?!? Holy frig, who are you trying to fool? Do you even read your own posts? Anyone who has read just a few of your posts during the election, knows that you are pro-right – just take THIS post, where you start with “evil lefty land” … don’t embarrass yourself by denying that.

  9. Actually, you’re the one being fooled because you can’t think out of the left/right box. I never believed in such things. I am against big government. Always have been. Bush was a big government president and I am opposed to that. I was opposed to his father as well, and Clinton. If you knew anything about me except for making snap decisions based on a couple of blog posts you would know that. People used to think I was left wing.

    My positions are pretty consistent. I have never supported either party. Just because I bash lefty stupidity doesn’t make me right wing.

    There’s nothing more hilarious than someone who thinks they know you because of your blog posts. Sheesh.

  10. Again with the hypocrisy I see …

    You say:

    1: There’s nothing more hilarious than someone who thinks they know you because of your blog posts. Sheesh.

    And then you say:

    2: you’re the one being fooled because you can’t think out of the left/right box.

    … Sheesh …

  11. You’re wasting both our times with these arguments. I don’t allow personal attacks on here. You should educate yourself. You don’t even know what a fascist is and now you reveal an ignorance of what hypocrisy means.

  12. Pretty cowardly troll, too….

    Then again, his type usually are.

    They never sign their real Name(s) to anything online and act like spoiled kids.

    There’s no bravery hiding and flaming anonymously.

    Not knowing the definitions of “fascism” and “hypocrisy” are hardly the beginning of that kid’s problem. He’s just ignorant, unteachable, AND arrogant. That’s a pretty deadly combination.

    What a waste of cyberspace…

    The Baby-busted generation…

    P.S. — Hud,

    For some reason the CAPTCHA Code isn’t coming up on Safari and I just get a “?” mark in the picture space. Seems to be operating fine in Firefox, though.

  13. The sad thing is all these people on the web these days who believe the most ridiculous lies people like Obama tell them. They think they are on the side of angels and not knowing they are on the side of fascism.

  14. The amazing thing is, that you never address the points I make – you just act like … uhmmm … a spoiled kid?

    But whatever … I’ll leave you and your little buddies to play in your tiny sandbox. For now.

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