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  1. Oh, THIS guy!

    His drawing style is bizarre but it really fits those alternate-style stories that DC published in those “Bizarro” story collections (another was the infamous “Superman’s Babysitter” by Kyle Baker). (Marvel’s version of the same thing was titled “Astonishing Tales” if I’m not mistaken… I know they used one of the old 50’s monster comic titles that really isn’t being used now. They coulda used “Amazing Fantasy” or “Fantasy Masterpieces” but hardly anyone gets that kind of respect nowadays…)

    I’m not usually big into alternate scene drawing styles unless a) they really demonstrate good cartooning fundamentals; b) have a distinct style of art that doesn’t follow a “prescribed school route” or copies Jim Lee or Neal Adams; and c) just “fits” the stories the author is telling.

    There are enough artists in mainstream comics who have WRETCHED art styles in most humble opinion (and I don’t get why so many people LIKE those styles) that honestly what I see in most non-“Big Boy” comics/self-published/indie is off-putting. Face it, the cover/interior art pretty much encourages people to pick up and skim something and pay for it (or borrow it from the library) and less so the scripting unless it’s really bad and full of blatant typos.

    I’ll shut up now and look at the video. I stood still for 45min-1hr listening to Ted Rall on the audio blog feed. Didn’t totally agree with him on some things — he’s still a liberal in the mold of guys who will never be happy and wants oversight that Plato would agree with whether he’s aware of it or not — but I do agree with him on the basic hypocrisy of the political system and the overly “chumminess” of awards encouraged/maintained by the likes of Spiegelman and the other “elders of the main guard.”

    (The only thing I ever read from Spiegelman that I liked was his Plastic Man book… What really dampened that book was Chip Kidd’s overdesigning and photo-editing; they should have just reprinted more damn stories in it — particularly later Cole run Plastic Man stories DC hasn’t gotten to in the hardcover reprints. Couldn’t give a fig about the rest of his stuff and never was interested in Maus. I read comics to ESCAPE that kind of dismal reality and frankly don’t need a further education in a topic of which I’m already overeducated on… Every group has its own pity party which I’m all too familiar with…)

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