Predictions 2011

OK, here is my annual predictions for 2011.

1. The economy will improve somewhat but unemployment will not get any lower than 8.5% at best. Most of the year it will be in the 9% range.
2. Republicans will begin a slew of investigations into the Obama Administration now that they have congressional oversight.
3. The recent EPA and FCC power grabs will be shut down by Republicans citing a law that lets them stop those actions.
4. Obama will begin to try to go around Congress on every thing he wants, but this will result in more and more problems with Congress.
5. More terrorist attacks will occur on U.S. soil. Mostly small ones.
6. Iran and North Korea will be more belligerent and aggressive to the west than before.
7. More unrest and violence in Europe and other places due to austerity measures and nations on the brink of default.
8. States seek bailouts from the Federal Government
9. Global Warming cultists continue to become increasingly strident while the public continues to become less interested in what they have to say.
10. Tablet style PCs continue to grow in popularity. Blackberry’s playbook will be a hot item.
11. President Obama gains some poll numbers back at first when he comes under increasing attack from Republicans but soon fades back to the 30s as his response to Republicans makes him look bad.
12. The Mainstream Media will try to ignore or downplay many revelations that come out due to Republican investigations, but later will be unable to carry the president’s water anymore.
13. The number of Republicans announcing a run for president will be large.
14. A far left Democrat will decide to challenge President Obama for the Democrat nomination or one will run as an independent.
15. In comics, DC and Marvel will start to trim back their lines.
16. Major efforts will be made to repeal Obamacare. Some elements of it will be killed including the individual mandate.

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