Predictions for 2012

I wont make so many predictions this year.

1. The Mayans were right. It will be the end of the world. For Barack Obama. He will lose the election. Unless some jack ass runs as a third choice. That’s the wild card. If a Ron Paul or Donald Trump ran it might siphon off enough votes to help Obama keep his job like Ross Perot helped Clinton win two terms. But I suspect Obama’s going down and going down big.

2. OWS will continue on making themselves more and more obnoxious and disreputable and getting more extreme until it becomes a major problem for the Democrats. The media will try to carry their water for awhile longer but will bail on them.

3. Obama wil try to jerrymander the labor statistics with appointees in the department that governs the stats, but people will see through the fake unemployment numbers the government cites. It will be marginally better and then worse as the housing and other markets continue to slide.

4. Stocks will be all over the place but mostly bad

5. Major economic turmoil in Europe and Asia and some in the US.

6. Hacker groups will continue to do brazen crazy stuf that will border on terrorism as they increasingly seek to get notice.

7. More and more Democrats will openly oppose Obama.

8. Obama will try a wag the dog with Iran but his mishandling will kill his election chances.

9. Romney will get the nomination. The Republican elites don’t want anyone else.

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  1. After I vote for Ron Paul in the primary, I will be revoking my ‘Republican’ registration status permanently. They’ve sickened me with their MSNBC like smearing of Ron Paul. NeoCons suck just as bad as Libtards, and as it turns out are just as liberal. As Obama himself is just as NeoCon. Breitbart and Savage have practically become Chris Mathews. Has the world gone mad or have I just woken up another notch?

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