REVIEW: Cloud Atlas

In Cloud Atlas we see the return of the Wachowskis as a directing team and Tom (“Run, Lola, Run) Twker joins the fray to produce a very layered a and strange story about reincarnated people over hundreds of years that supposedly tells us how our actions effect our futures. That part isn’t very convincing, but visually its amazing and if you loved the first Matrix movie there are some action bits in there which echo the Matrix without being a rehash (slow mo is not used a lot here). Actors play multiple parts of characters over different generations and races. Which has predictably gotten some race counters annoyed that white characters play Asians in a future set in Seoul. Also, a black actor plays a Korean, but they ignore than Asian actors play whites in different incarnations too. The movie is trying to show different characters other incarnations using the same actors so it would be frankly very difficult if not pointless to use different actors in the Asian or Caucasian roles. Whatever. Race obsessed people should look in a mirror the next time they call something/someone racist.

What fascinates me about the Wachowskis is they are very left wing yet their obsession with evil oppressive states crushing liberty has come through in most of their films, namely the Matrix, V for Vendetta (which they produced) and Cloud Atlas where oppression is a common theme in all of the stories. You would think they were libertarians or something. Well, I think a lot of lefties are libertarians who haven’t woke up from their dreams of a socialist utopia. Powerful states become dystopias very easily and inevitably do.

Still, the movie is a decent way to pass the time. I didn’t love it exactly but I was entertained. It was probably the best film they’ve done since the first Matrix movie.

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  1. Of course lefties see themselves as liberators – liberating people from the evils of oppressive capitalism and replacing it with the freedoms of socialism. Who’s concerned with the power of the state when all it does is to give you free stuff and promote happiness and plenty for all. At that point the state itself will whither away to that pure libertarian paradise aka true communism. If the state has to be a bit strict, or perhaps even the tiniest bit brutal, it’s because the evil capitalists and their short sighted greed are tough to weed out.

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