REVIEW: Lockout

Can’t believe I went so long without posting something. It’s been a busy week.

Anyway. I saw Lockout last night and I enjoyed it. It’s a very entertaining film, not very deep but it’s very fun and fast paced. One big problem is one of the major villains has an almost indecipherable Scots accent. The bad guys are mostly two dimensional. Aside from that, its the story of a CIA agent framed and sent to an orbital prison, but he gets to make a deal to rescue the President’s daughter who is stuck up there during a breakout/riot. It’s simple and direct but its crammed with action and suspense. Snow (Pearce) is a barrel of one liners that are often pretty funny. He’s sort of like a futuristic John McClane (Die Hard).

Guy Pearce is great as usual. Its good to see him in a starring role. The guy is really underused and underrated.

There’s also a couple of jokes at the expense of Democrats which is something you don’t see too often.

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