REVIEW: Skyfall

I saw Skyfall last night and have to say this is the first James Bond film, in a long long time that gets everything right. Casino Royale was a great movie but somehow it felt like it was missing something. Some of the James Bond flavor, This film had it while being fresh and original. Not rehashing old stuff. There was nothing corny or fake about it. James Bond was made into a very real character with some dimension we finally had a villain who was not some wooden rich guy wanting to rule the world. He was more like a very complex psychopath with an interesting back story.

The cinematography was fantastic, as the direction and all the acting and the music by newcomer (to Bond) Thomas Newman, was very good even though it didn’t slavishly try to imitate John Barry, The Bond touches in the music was all in the right places and didn’t hit you over the head repeatedly.

One of the best things about it was a story that fleshed out the characters like M and Bond as well as introducing new incarnations of the classic supporting characters that updated them yet worked so well. There was nothing forced or felt arbitrary or artificial. Craig really came into his own here as Bond. Making his version very distinctive and fresh, I wasn’t totally sold on Craig before as the character but he won me over here, Unlike his first two Bond movies, in this one he starts to loosen up and even make some quips, but they aren’t bad ones, The dialog in this film is excellent. The banter between characters is like you would expect in a classic film.

Overall, I was extremely pleased. This is the best “realistic” Bond film and stands with the top 3 of all time. Maybe even the best one yet. It all depends on your preferences, but the greatest thing they did was breathe fresh life into the character without changing him much. They went back to what made the character work in the first place and chucked all the silliness and fake glamour. It’s more faithful to Ian Fleming’s version.

I have to say thank you, Christopher Nolan for paving the way. It’s obvious his Batman films were a influence and what a difference it makes. Sam Mendes really made a masterpiece here.

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