Reviews: Thor, Pirates, Rango

Thor was a decent enough film. Not too much action. The cgi wasn’t nearly as good as X-Men First Class which has excellent work. But the story was a good introduction to Thor with a basic plot that fit in with the average Lee/Kirby era Thor comics. Thor is banished to earth without his powers when he invades a realm without his father Odin’s permission. Loki takes over the kingdom when Odin falls into his Odinsleep. It’s hard to feel too involved in the story though since it’s rather far fetched to say the least. I mean, sure, all superhero movies are far fetched but this one involves a god who comes to earth. And is powerless through most of the story. I’d say it’s a rental not something to see in the theaters.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides was a lot more entertaining. Well paced fun and Penelope Cruz and Ian McShane were great in their respective roles. The plot moved along at a good clip but I didn’t laugh or feel too involved. It was entertaining and looked great bu I didn’t feel much connection to anything going on. Kind of like Thor in that respect. I did feel is was the better of the two. But for my money, X-Men first class is the best movie of the three I have seen this summer.

Rango is excellent even though the story is blatantly swiped from Chinatown. It’s amusing and the animation is great stuff. I especially loved the cameo by Clint Eastwood as The Man With No Name. It’s a light movie over all, simple story, but Depp is really good at playing goofy heroes.

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  1. Loved Rango and the appearence of the “Man with No Name” but……it wasTimothy Olyphant doing a great Clint impression.

    Dissapointed it wasn;t Mr Eastwood but loved it anyway!

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