RIP: Andrew Breitbart

I can’t believe I woke up to read Andrew Breitbart is dead. He died of “natural causes” according to his sites. He was still in his 40s so it comes as a shock. While the news will make a lot of people on the left happy they shouldn’t be. He was actually a great man and a nice guy. He was nothing like what the character assassins tried to make him out to be. He was down to earth and approachable. He stood up for what he believed and was an important figure in the new media. He also asked me to be part of his sites when they first started, which I’ll never forget. I was surprised he knew who I was but he reached out to people in entertainment who weren’t brainwashed by the pro-statist media. People who believe that people should be free of big brother and corrupt politicrats. That was where he was coming from. He was against the lies of our times. And for that he was attacked as the anti-christ by those who try to maintain the dysfunctional and corrupt status quo.

He will be greatly missed. I hope his websites continue on without him.

No, he wasn’t a racist. At all. Its a shame he didn’t live to carry out his fight longer. He was fighting a vicious and lying machine. But one that is breaking down.

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  1. I’m stunned…  Totally unexpected.  Breitbart’s barely over a year older than me and this on top of the Davy Jones announcement!

    Both stunned me.  Breitbart — he’s a near-contemporary — and Jones since he’s close to my parents’ ages!

    Whitney Houston’s death was shocking at first, yes, but after reflection maybe it was almost inevitable.

    The two fellows so close this past week — yeah, that’s got me shaken a bit.  They both impacted my life in positive ways.  Jones through his music elevated my mood; Breitbart’s websites reminded me of the craziness and misplaced priorities of the MSM/pop culture scene but also comforted me in reminding me that I’m NOT alone in thinking that society’s broken yet at the same time there’s still time and a chance to fix things for a better future.

    They will all be missed…

    • Yeah, Davy Jones. I thought about posting about him. At one point the Monkees out sold the Beatles even though they were a rip off. But they had good song writers and anyway…

      Breitbart was a good guy. I still have his phone number which I will have to delete from my phone now. Its sad to think he’s really gone. I was hoping it was one of those fake internet death rumors. Hopefully his legacy will continue on with his sites. 

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