RIP: Margaret Thatcher

I used to live in England briefly during Thatcher and worked with many British comics people through the 80s and it always amused me and sometimes confounded me how much she was hated by those who think government programs are a good idea. Thatcher dismantled a lot of socialist policies in Britain because they were bankrupting the place. I lived in the UK from 1976-1977 and I remember how it was before she came to power. She did a lot to improve things and this is what people who believe in statism hated about her. She proved the wrong and didn’t let them forget it.

If you look around you will find all kinds of hate against her today. As well as many praises.

Thatcher was able to turn around her country after Obama-like policies nearly destroyed it. It’s unfortunate but some people want to believe the big lie that big government works,. We’re seeing proof that it doesn’t right now but if course there are so many people who have deluded themselves and refuse to accept this fact. Reagan and Thatcher reversed the destruction caused by their predecessors and to this day they are trying to rewrite history to act like it very happened. They want the mess we live it now to be considered the “New Normal”. They did that in the 70s too. America was in serious decline. Cities were falling apart, crime was out of control, so was inflation and yet Thatcher and Reagan showed this can be reversed.

That is why I am not interested in the defeatist talk we’re hearing from many these days. I do think if we keep on this path we’re on it’s going to get really bad but things can change and eventually they will. Hopefully there will be those who get elected that can do what Reagan and Thatcher did.

(Yes, neither were perfect but then, who is?)

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  1. Yeah,

    I’ve seen the news reports of Leftists being utterly hateful after news of Thatcher’s death.
    I always thought she was a class act in spite of very biased reporting… When you have someone like her or Reagan come around, the wolves appear with their knives and absolutely lie and disparage these people to death!

    It’s funny that the Left accuses the Right, conservatives, Libertarians, — anyone with a traditional set of values who isn’t a relativist — of racism, inciting hate, and creating more poor.

    In my lifetime, it’s been the Lefties who have been THE MOST disrespectful to people who aren’t in their TINY, tiny circle of thought… The Left has repeatedly made death threats against highly visible Righties, conservatives, religious types, and Libertarians; yet very little action is taken by authority and the Lefty rabids aren’t dealt with until after someone is killed. And even then, deaths get reported as the fault of the victim!!!

    Everything the Left has always accused the Right of has been brought about by THE LEFT ITSELF and the Accommodationists (the McCains, Bushes, and Boehners of the world) who have this weird notion — even after it’s been shown time and time again that this WON’T happen — that if they “try to get along” with the Left the media will love them more and “more will be accomplished” with Fringe Left!

    No sirs, no matter how polite you are to these people, no matter how many times you might fall in line behind them AND vote with them, they will never like you OR treat you as an equal.


    Ignorance, malice, and hate was on full display by the Lefties in the UK in particular… The usual terrorists had their badmouthing quoted and that wasn’t that unusual.

    What was unusual to me was to actually read columns posted on the online websites that agreed with me on at least one basic fact — there was entirely too much disrespect and hate out there and oh how the politeness and civility that used to be there has gone down the drain in many places.

    Gee, who do you think was most responsible for that???

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