Russia's Anti-Piracy Response

The Russian’s handled the Somolian pirates in a manner that will probably make their ships immune from future attacks. They captured the pirates boat, handcuffed them to the rails and sank it.

Before they did, they made sure the people on the boat were pirates. They found a ton of weapons on board a “fishing boat”, as the pirate called it. The Russians don’t mess around.

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  1. Can’t believe the gall of that idiot that said the ship was a “shipping boat”!

    Great job, dumbass. As if the Russians weren’t mad enough at you already!

    Yeah, the Russians can be very brutal…. sometimes you have to be to send a message to people that you will not tolerate their !$!#$! This is the mistake the West has made dealing with the Somali pirates. We’re too shy to kill terrorists! Some of us are so brainwashed by multiculturalist philosophy that we don’t recognize not all societies are equal and not all have morals and ways of living that integrate with classic Western political liberal thought. We’re really dealing with Medieval people on a global terror scale.

    Not the first time I’ve heard of Russians dealing with terrorists brutally.

    There’s a story I read of what the Russians did to an Arab terrorist involved in the killing of one of their diplomats in the 1970s or 1980s. The Russians got their hands on the Arab fellow and sliced his body into small bits. They mailed those bits back to his family. After that, the terrorists organizations were too afraid to do anything like that for a long time before the Chechnyan terrorists. Those Chechnyan terrorists were Muslim, too.

    Left-wingers and apologist groups just won’t admit that there are Muslim terrorists and that besides radical imams that there are many nasty passages in the Koran. It’s a comforting book for many xenophobes and racists. There is nothing in it that equivocates Christianity or Judaism to Islam. Quite the opposite and brutally frank about Islamic supremacy!

  2. No surprise to see some rather dumb right-wing bigots using any story as an excuse to showcase their Islamophobia. GeorgeC needs to grow up and educate himself. I suggest he stop behaving like another bigoted parrot.

    • So, Jack. Are you saying there is no such thing as Islamic fundamentalists who commit terrorism? It’s a very real problem in Russia and elsewhere. To the Islamists, they are fighting a war against the west and Christians. Whether you want to believe it or not. They believe it.

      Also, please don’t insult people on the site. We try to be civil here.

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