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  1. The James Bond franchise now leaves me utterly uninterested. It’s moved so far from the original Ian Fleming take and the Connery classics that what it really represents is an expression of the financial cowardice of the producers and investors.

    Find a more or less decent spy script, staple a Walter PPK, some bacarat and a classic Austin Martin DB5 onto it along with some character name changes and voila! The new “James Bond” film. If the producers had any guts, they’d take their plot, add some truly creative elements and go from there.

    Of course, it wouldn’t be Bond 2012 without “updating” which makes it even worse. Westley Crusher as “Q”? Good lord that sucks.

    • I agree that nothing in the trailer makes me want to see it, They should have gotten a new M a while ago. While Judi Dench is a great actress I think they should have started fresh with this actor. Someone who’s a good foil. I also think they completely missed the point of Bond, He’s self destructive, That’s why he smokes and drinks so much. He’s got demons eating him. But they’ve made hi into this cold cypher who just goes around killing people and doesn’t have much personality (Craig is probably to blame for that, he’s not very personable in real life). I can live with a younger Q if he’s good. I liked John Cleese but they made poor use of him. I dont think the current crop of producers get the character anymore even though they’ve been making these movies for decades now. Their priorities and world view is pretty suspect.

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