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  1. Seeing what “ze SS” did to Tom Francois, you probably had the honor of being attacked on a direct order from one of Obama’s Obersturmfuhrers.

  2. “Some jagoff hacked my site, probably because of my last cartoon.”

    You did something to piss somebody else off…

    Means you did something right!

    The ghost of Hitler lives, — and he was a Democrat, too…

    Remember, folks — in the Obama world, Up is Down, Right is Left, there are at least 53 states, and what’s another $7 trillion added to the debt???


    Sure, a lot of us here KNEW the government was monitoring the Internet and phone calls.

    It just took the rest of the public at least 5 more years to wake up to that fact…

    Sadder part was that the story was broken by UK newspaper because the US media can’t be bothered to report any story that’s negative to O’Bobo unless it’s something they absolutely can’t hide anymore!

    I give it two months more tops before we don’t even hear about the surveillance program any more.

    This type of $h!t would not have been tolerated in the past and these bums would have been impeached by now if an “R” followed their names AND they were white guys.

    Sorry, but this is a case of reverse racism and ultra-left justice at its worst.


    “Some jagoff hacked my site” —

    In one way, I’m actually glad to hear that…

    I thought the blocking message, “You are restricted/Not authorized on this site” meant I did something to tick Jim off! LOL

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