Space Runaway: Ideon

Way back in the early 1980s I was a huge anime fan way before it was cool or popular. And to this day I still love the theme to this show. The whole soundtrack is great, actually. And the story is inspired in that it was so completely original in its day and a precursor to shows like Evangelion. While the main characters red Jewfro and the rather poorly chosen names for the villains and some of the characters dates it, Space Runaway: Ideon is a classic.

Here’s a beautiful trance remix of the closing theme to Ideon, which is also a song I love like the opening theme.

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  1. Very Gundam-like in the designs…  A ton of shows were done like this in early 1980s from what I see at a glimpse.

    Lots of classics made in the 1980s…  The Gundam sequels, the original Macross and its feature-length adaptation, Dirty Pair, Votoms, etc. 

    Even lesser shows like Beast King Go-Lion which became Voltron internationally sprung up at this time.  Likewise with the other two shows incorporated with Macross into Robotech.

    I own or have seen bits and pieces of all those shows.  The 1980s really was the Golden Age for anime and in particular animated sci-fi in Japan.

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the longest-running series originated from that era.  The strongest ideas and most appealing characters have generally come from this period.

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