Stone's Propaganda

Joseph Stalin murdered vastly more people than Hitler and the Soviet Union kept its citizens prisoner behind the iron curtain. Yet more than 20 years after its fall, we have fools trying to pimp Communism as the better society. And networks are stupid enough to air such propaganda. The Soviets took over smaller countries and turned them into oppressive totalitarian states. East Germany was so badly Germans would risk being shot trying to escape. The Berlin Wall was created to keep them from escaping from this hell. Eventually it all collapsed and now China, Russia and even Cuba are moving toward market economies, yet statists will never admin they’re wrong. Even when their “model society” failed and murdered millions, they still try to sell it as the better way.

The Soviets weren’t about peace. They instigated wars. They conquered countries. They tried to destroy ours through subversion. And we still see people trying to carry on their work as this film shows. 1984 was written by George Orwell as a critique of Stalin. And Orwell was a socialist.

Until people learn that big government steals people’s liberties and freedoms will will never have true peace and freedom.

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  1. I think Lefties love Commies because in their hearts they want to be absolute rulers, too… Many Lefties are control freaks. If you notice, most Lefties are the biggest hypocrites you can imagine. When they talk about freedom, they mean THEIR OWN FREEDOM, not yours or mine. It’s the ultimate “Do as I SAY, not as I do” scenario.
    Lefties can’t be bothered with facts. They ignore reality and make heroes out of the worst villains in history. (And the fact that most comic book writers today are unabashedly far left now is probably why I don’t enjoy the funny books anymore…)

    To be honest, I couldn’t give a fig what Stone says.
    He hasn’t been relevant IN DECADES.
    If you honestly believe this guy and anything that he says without checking the facts and his personal background, there’s nothing much that can be said to you.
    It goes without saying that many people think Stone is one of the biggest d-bags in Hollywood… Even by Hollywood standards, he’s a colossal @$@!$.

  2. Nothing new there. Communists, who operate more in the realm of religion than politics have been revising history for a long time. Orwell’s “He who controls the past controls the future – he who controls the present controls the past” is a restatement of a Communist aphorism.

    What’s shocking and new is the Communist party USA not running a candidate but endorsing a sitting US President – and that President getting re-elected. Clearly there’s been some major indoctrination going on.

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