Strikeforce: Morituri Vol 2. looks good

I got my comps today from Marvel. Its nice to see a Marvel book with my name on it again. And they did a great job with the printing, it looks good. I started reading it and it brought back memories of my first days in the mainstream publishing world.

If you get a copy of the book on page 170 you can see where I reference digital comics. This was back in the 1980s, circa 1987ish. I thought up an ipad like device for comics back then. Of course, the one in the comic looks clunkier than the real ipad, but I didn’t ask for it to look the way the artist drew it. I envisioned something similar to the ipad in my head way back then.

The Strikeforce: Morituri trade will be out this week I imagine or next. Check it out.

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