Strikeforce: Morituri Volume 2

I’m happy to see Marvel is releasing my Strikeforce: Morituri work in two volumes. The first should be out shortly.

It’s my first work for Marvel and is also Mark Bagley’s first regular Marvel work. Val Mayerik even did some inking on these issues. Which was the first time we worked together. I took over the book from Peter Gillis and Brent Anderson and moved it away from the aliens they had which was the Horde, a kind of bloated barbarian race and more into a cyber-punkish direction with the mysterious aliens who came to “save us” from the Horde. Adventure ensue.

Not sure if they are planning on releasing my Electric: Undertow miniseries in a trade also. That would be swell. But I’m glad to see some of my work reprinted finally. It’s pretty entertaining, I think. Early Hudnall, but written with a lot of passion.

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