Thatcher was Right

I remember well how up in arms the lefties were in England in her time because she was tearing down the welfare state that the socialist labour party had created before her. A state that was on its way to bankruptcy, just as we are under the Obama government and decades of statism which was ramped up even but so called conservatives like Bush 41 and 43.

All government programs are paid for by tax dollars. Meaning dollars taken from you and others. And government doesnt know how to spend wisely. They have no motivation to. They are forcing you to pay them and they can force you to pay more if they want to.

Thatcher was a rare politician who was honestly exposing the problem and why it leads to economic collapse. We can see from the state of Europe now that European socialism is a failure that is falling apart at the seams and our own system is rapidly disintegrating under the weight of our unsustainable debt. Our debt is larger than the economy itself. That has to stop.

Governments are a poor answer to problems because bureaucracies largely make things worse. States like California are going broke and businesses are fleeing the regulations and tax burdens created in those places. Statism is a failure and it should always be fought and dismantled.

A little chart to show you what I mean about the current administration. This was made before he added more trillions to the debt and he’s requesting more. So a new chart would actually show no decreases.

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