The Gall of It!

So today I went over to the VA hospital across the street, this time for something other than my leg. I mentioned to my doctor on my last visit that in 2008 when looking for kidney stones they did an ultrasound and found I had large gall stones. But it has never bothered me. The doc wanted a followup ultrasound, so I wheeled myself over there this morning.

Since the Temple VA is on the slope of a hill crossing the street means I have to go downhill to the intersection to cross then uphill to the hospital which sits back a ways from the entrance. When you’re in a wheel chair you’re pushing your own mass, your own body weight plus the weight of the chair. For me that means pushing 300 pounds up a hill. I can do it but it’s work. Fortunately some nice guy jumped out of his car and wheeled me up most of the way today. Usually I have to do it myself.

So, they did the ultrasound and confirmed I have two very large stones and one smaller one in there. Based on the conversation I had with the doc last time, he will recommend I get an operation that removes the gall bladder. They don’t take it out, they just do a small probe and cut the part where the bladder is connected to the liver. What that will do is make it so I can’t eat fatty foods anymore without incurring diarrhea. It will force me to forgo them. Not that I eat them that much but I do love the occasional bacon and eggs breakfast.

I see the doctor again on Tuesday so we’ll see what he says but me made it sound as if I should do it because someday I will have a problem and it’s a very unpleasant experience when you have gall stone issues.

Oh, and they said I have a kidney stone, too. Joy.

Fun fun fun! How was your day?

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