The Libertarian Plan to Balance the Budget

The Democrats and the Republicans don’t have a plan, but the Cato institute has just provided one that balances the budget in 10 years without raising taxes. It can be done. But do our so called leaders have the will to do what’s necessary?

“A lot of the Washington experts think we need large tax hikes to solve our budget problem, and I wanted to show in this plan how you can cut the debt and even balance the budget over ten years without increasing taxes,” he said.

“It’s going to be tough work,” Edwards admitted, adding that “a lot of subsidy programs that people have used for years I think should be eliminated.”

If you watched the Milton Friedman documentaries I’ve been linking to, they show how the government and it’s subsidies cause the very problems they seek to solve. We should start cutting a lot of corporate welfare subsidies and we’d see a lot of problems resolve themselves over time.

[ht: Vision to America]
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  1. If budget cutters were as clever as the statists, it would be a lot easier. Do what they do. Use a wedge issue to get your nose under the tent and then continue to lever it. An example would be farm subsidies – reduce the subsidies by 20 percent but bias it such that large agribusiness combines take the brunt of the cuts and relatively small family farms take none. It would be called the “Family Farm Survival Act” or some such.

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