The Media Doesn't Report Tragedies Honestly

The name of this video should be called don’t trust the press. The fact is the press and pundits are often wrong about tragedies. The bottom line is new laws wont stop insane people from acting out. The Theater where those people were shot was a “gun free zone” and lets not forget murder is also against the law. That didn’t stop Holmes from killing. The bombs in his apartment show he could have easily went the explosive route or used deadly gas. He used tear gas and it could have been something far worse.

Politicians and pundits who call for more gun laws are behaving in a disgusting (and predictable) manner, because what they are saying is that innocent people should pay for insane people’s crimes. That’s what it boils down to. A motivated criminal or whack job like Holmes will find a way to do what they want, laws or no laws. All laws do is keep honest people from things they might want that were perfectly legal for over 100 years until those who think the elimination of civil rights is a solution to problems. (see Marijuana, which is more popular than ever despite laws banning it).

You can’t ban crazy. These incidents will happen. They happen in countries like Australia and England with severe gun control. The bottom line is the lawmakers pass laws to look like they are effective. The truth is in the actual mess of a society they supposedly govern.

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    • Ninny is appropriate… I can’t stand people who hijack threads to post spam!


      Mike — Totally agree with you.
      The fact that this incident happened in a TIGHT GUN CONTROL area is lost on some people. Criminals DO NOT obey the law and in the five minutes it takes cops to get to a crime scene, you can have a substantial pile of dead human beings…
      Too bad that the atmosphere in the theater didn’t help, either.

      Holmes was a nutjob… I doubt the DA will go for the death penalty because of the unpredictable nature of juries but Holmes should definitely NOT be free on the streets EVER AGAIN in this life. This guy is dangerous and was cognizant enough to plan this crime 3 months ahead of time! It was NOT a last-minute, abrupt action.

      As much as I understand that there are mental health issues, that doesn’t excuse depressed or manic people from responsibility for their actions. Holmes may indeed be a paranoid schizophrenic and have issues BUT he had the ability to make decisions and carry out an elaborate plan… He STILL DESERVES to be locked up for life. I can’t see how you can argue he’s not responsible for what he did to those innocent people. There are pockets of people (in the potential jury pool) who are too soft and lack the common sense to recognize that.

      • My key point is this: people are arguing about gun control right now as a reaction to this particular incident, as if gun control regulation would, somehow have kept this guy from killing a lot of people. This is based on the idea that if he couldn’t buy his guns and ammo legally, he would not have gotten his guns and ammo.

        You know, sort of like how heroin, cocaine, and meth are illegal and therefore junkies don’t buy them. 🙂

        I’m just arguing that crazy people with a homicidal mania – especially those with no prior records – are going to be quite difficult to stop.

        And I think we all agree that it’s a good thing he wasn’t more industrious about his desire to cause death and destruction, because he easily could have been, and he could have done it a lot less conspicuously – and without guns. This isn’t some sort of apologist argument – this is a legitimate concern, and one with no real, clear solutions. People can blame movies, religion (or lack thereof) or music all they want – but it still won’t stop any of this from happening again. I think that’s what bothers us the most – that terrible things will continue to happen, and people (either from here, or Norway, or wherever) for no real reason and we can’t realistically stop them.

        I wish there was a way.

  1. You know, I made almost this exact same point on a forum (the idea being that neither strict nor lax gun laws aren’t going to stop crazy people like this asshole), and that this is not a political issue in the slightest.

    And, of course, what happens? Raisin-cakes from both sides of the aisle descended and completely took the discussion on their own personal political joyride; some arguing that I’m against the writing of public safety laws (I’m not, I just want useful laws), others suggesting that one guy with a .45 would have taken care of it perfectly in a short while (I argued that, while I support conceal and carry, to suggest a dark, smoky, panic-stricken packed theater is an easy place to save the day against a Kevlar-sporting psychopath is kind of ridiculous).

    Makes you want to be a hermit some days.

    • I dunno. He was able to shoot just fine in the “dark, smoky” theater. He’d have been back-lit, and a reasonably cool shooter (say, and off-duty cop or armed forces person, or even a combat pistol competitor) within say, 25 yards could have had a decent chance at hitting him. And there is controversy over whether or not he was wearing body armor (not sure if that has been resolved). In any case, his legs, arms and head were exposed. A .45 hit to any of those would have taken him out, and a .45 hit even to body armor is no picnic.
      Who knows? Better a small chance than none at all.

  2. “You can’t ban crazy.”
    I can’t wait until six months after I move to Montana and can get my concealed carry permit.

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