The New Fascist War on Free Speech

Politico has an article today talking about Media Matters strategy of waging war against Fox News. Aside from their mistakenly using the word “liberal” to describe Media Matters, the article gos on to describe what is basically an assault on free speech. Those who oppose the worship of the state and the leftist agenda are targeted, as I found out when my cartoon was made into a national story.

The liberal group Media Matters has quietly transformed itself in preparation for what its founder, David Brock, described in an interview as an all-out campaign of “guerrilla warfare and sabotage” aimed at the Fox News Channel.

The group, launched as a more traditional media critic, has all but abandoned its monitoring of newspapers and other television networks and is narrowing its focus to Fox and a handful of conservative websites, which its leaders view as political organizations and the “nerve center” of the conservative movement. The shift reflects the centrality of the cable channel to the contemporary conservative movement, as well as the loathing it inspires among liberals — not least among the donors who fund Media Matters’ staff of about 90, who are arrayed in neat rows in a giant war room above Massachusetts Avenue.

“The strategy that we had had toward Fox was basically a strategy of containment,” said Brock, Media Matters’ chairman and founder and a former conservative journalist, adding that the group’s main aim had been to challenge the factual claims of the channel and to attempt to prevent them from reaching the mainstream media.

The new strategy, he said, is a “war on Fox.”

These people are out and out fascists. Plain and simple. Nazi collaborator George Soros funds them. They are going after Breitbart’s sites as well because, like Fox, they offer an alternative view to the propaganda of the state. And that can’t be allowed. Leftists are against freedom. They are all about controlling people through an all powerful government.

Why else be so afraid of Fox when it’s only one cable news channel? All the other channels are left of center. And why try to destroy and discredit conservative sites, such as Brietbart’s, which are only providing another argument. Any group trying to shut down other people’s views is anti-freedom, anti-liberal. There is nothing liberal about censorship.

They talk about using facts to fight Fox, but Media Matters lies all the time. They are a propaganda outfit allied with the Democrats and they have as much to do with reality as George Lucas movies. Their goals are to further the agenda of people like George Soros.

Which is why they must be fought.

UPDATE: A good example of the left’s fascist tactics is the fatwa they put on the Koch brothers, a couple libertarian philanthropists who support the decriminalization of drugs, are anti-war, are for all sorts of causes that you would think the left would agree with. But they have demonized them and made them into the bogeyman and so many people actually see them as a threat now when they are nothing of the kind. The Weekly Standard did a good profile on them that tells their side of the story. Like I’ve said before, when some group or organization (in this case the left) tries to shut down views and opinions other than their own, you can’t trust anything they say. Libertarians are the closest thing we have to classical liberalism. So any group calling themselves “liberal” who wants to shut down libertarians is anything BUT liberal. They are fascists, plain and simple.

More on the effort to define the Koch’s as some evil masterminds. Call it a “vast left wing conspiracy” if you will. The left really doesn’t want anyone talking back.

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    • Sure, but I would recommend Lee Stranahan’s articles on Big Journalism and Big Government. He has been dealing with that subject recently

      Media Matters isn’t always as blatant as some sites. They often do it in ways that are devious and subtle. The bottom line is they are a propaganda arm of the progressive agenda, which is statist by definition and therefore anti-human. As I explain in my essay The New Fascists available under essays.

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