The Paper Computer

I’ve been blogging for 9 years now and for about that long I’ve been talking about e-paper and how it will change the face of portable devices. It’s incredibly cheap to manufacture, uses little power and will replace print. It has taken a long time but it looks like it’s day has come. This article goes into details on the paper phone, which is an iphone like device made of epaper. It’s basically a paper thin computer.

Sony has a paper thin oled color monitor already as you can see here. As cool as the iPad is now, the stuff they will be selling in a couple years will blow you away and it will be even cheaper. Much cheaper.

Here’s a video on epaper. This is the kind of thing which will save the publishing business. Printing costs are insane, but that will soon be a thing of the past. And the paper computer will soon be a reality you can buy yourself. Probably for less than $100.

UPDATE: Another article on e-paper with videos.

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  1. I’ll be honest…

    I think at least 75-85% of the technology being produced now is crap… It’s promoted and sold as a fad — very little long-term value in things like iPods and iPads. They’re just trying to capture a shallow market that only cares about looking cool and being the first person on the block to own this junk.

    (That’s part of what’s leading to our doom right now I believe. We have become so shallow and concerned with immediate gratification that we don’t think long-term.)

    I’m more interested in reliability and utilization… How is new tech going to make things run better and faster, how will it actually give me more time to have fun or do what I would really want to do versus giving the Man more time than I really do now… This is part of why I HATE communications tech. It just gives a corporation a shorter leash keep you on if you work for them, OR enables those of us who are already workaholics a quicker way to work ourselves to death…!

    That’s why I don’t take publications like Wired seriously. Most of what they talk about is pie-in-the-sky crap or richboy toys… and I’ve found a lot of those devices tacky and unnecessary. And a lot of what they predicted hasn’t come true.

    ON THE OTHER HAND…. e-paper could be the new version of papyrus. It could, if implemented correctly, replace video and books for many people at home. Doubt they’re going to give you entire libraries on this tech. You know media companies will still want you to pay what you already own on VHS, DVD, Blu ray, hardcover, paperback, etc…

    This e-paper could replace newspapers and comics but not everything. Think we’re still going to have books in libraries and they’ll still need to make more conventional computers for things like video-editing and games.

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