The Song Remains the Same

I’m not a fan of politicians as you may know, but I really like Thaddeus McCotter, a rock musician turned common sense congressman from Michigan. As he points out, The Democrats are trying to shut down the government, not the Republicans. I see all over the social sites that it’s the fault of Republicans if it gets shut down. Nonsense.

Democrats are trotting out the same lies they do every year. Republicans are trying to starve children, throw seniors on the street, kill women, blah blah blah. The fact that anyone listens to them anymore is a sad state of affairs. But the public is becoming less interested all the time as the last election showed. As the president’s and the Democrats declining poll numbers reveal.

The Democrats had control of the house for the last four years. They could have passed a budget last year but they didn’t. They want to keep raising the debt ceiling. That’s the crux of the problem, they are not being remotely responsible. And with the president even willing to stop the paychecks of our military during a shutdown, it’s the Democrats who should reap the blame for any problems.

Even the Congressional Budget office says the current spending will bankrupt us. Politicians not willing to deal with the serious need to cut spending have to go.

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