The Three Trillion Dollar Man

Obama and the Dems got us three trillion dollars more in debt in a year’s time. Obama has been campaigning the last few weeks telling people he needs more time finish what he started. No wonder the polls show a bloodbath for the Democrats.

It frankly amazes me when people defend the guy, when he is clearly making things worse for the country, not better. When you don’t have any money, you don’t run up your debts to the breaking point. What Obama has done is not unlike the old mob “bust out” as described in Goodfellas.

This is a strategy Marxists have wanted to do to the US since the 1960s. And we’re seeing it being played out before our eyes. You break the country, make everyone dependent on the state, then institute more and more socialism and less freedom. See Venezuela. They have food rationing. The economy is dying. This was once one of Latin America’s wealthiest nations. Hugo Chavez has done everything legally, but he has slowly cut off the people of his nation from their freedoms while leftists in the states have praised him.

While media clowns have poo poo’ed the idea that the president is a socialist, others have documented his past well.

Let’s hope we can Americans take back the country in two weeks. 2 more years of Obama and the Dems in power is a frightening idea if you value liberty.

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  1. With me, this whole Chavez business and what’s going on with the recent O’Reilly “View” visit has me disgusted.

    The MSM — primarily CNN, Headline News, and Joy Behar — are lying about these things. It’s total, purposeful distortion of reality. This has been going on for 2 days now and it’s just ridiculous.

    (Granted, the cynical side of me sees it as a ratings boost for both O’Reilly and The View. Both shows WILL benefit from the controversy. There’s no question the ladies on The View believe the B.S. they said the other day, though.)

    I don’t know how anybody can defend Obama’s sheer incompetence and willful ostrich head sand-digging any more than the inability of people to accept that the worldwide stage of terror is headlined by Muslims! What is so friggin’ impossible to see in either situation?

    I just know that when I vote in November I’m voting against as many Obama enablers as I can in my area and am going to keep a close on what the Republicans, Tea Party candidates, and alternates are doing from here on out. NOBODY is to be trusted right now in politics but we definitely have to get rid of all the Democrats that bankrolled and supported Obama up and down.

    We may actually get rid of Dennis Kucinich in Ohio the way things are looking right now!

    The Northeast side of Ohio may be waking up and seeing what a colossal failure and embarassment that guy is after so many years.

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