The Wikileaks Founder's Side of the Story

Personally, I have mixed feelings about the issue. On one hand, the soldier who stole the documents is the primary culprit here. How is Julian Assange more guilty in disseminating the data than the NY Times or the Guardian? He may have been the main outlet, but they are all culpable if this data is as serious as we’re told it is. But the government is going after Assange as if he is the worst of the lot. I would say the leakers are the worst if they betray their security oaths. And considering the lives put in danger from these leaks, it’s a serious matter.

On the other hand, in a way it’s good for some of this information to get out. People need to know how badly their governments are acting and they need to see the real stakes going on out there because the press isn’t honest at all.

I have to say, Assange has a point when he says that what he has been able to do with his staff of five has eclipsed what all the major media outlets have done. Of course, the difference is the major media outlets are largely protecting in the interests of certain elites or their governments. He is attacking them. And frankly, the truth is hard to take sometimes, but it needs to get out. In many cases there are outrageous incidents that need to be exposed. It’s sad that we had situations like Abu Ghraib but what separates this country from others is we actually punished the people responsible (Sorry, no convincing evidence Rumsfeld was in on it).

Whistle blowers play a very important role in a free society and the corrupt always punish them. While there is a good reason to feel outrage about Wikileaks, it also may be serving an important role. It’s forcing some important issues into the open, like Iran’s nukes, Saudi Arabia’s complicity in terrorism and the incompetence of the Obama Administration.

I see a lot of conservatives calling for Assange’s head, but they’re missing a larger issue here. He should have never gotten this much data from a low level source if the administration was remotely competent. Head should roll, but they should be in Washington.

The data released so far is not news to anyone paying attention to world affairs. What it mainly does is confirm a lot of suspicions about things, and especially the poor handling of international relations that this administration has done so far. I would say he has done a service. But let’s see what else gets revealed. Only a fraction has been released so far. There might be some real regime killers in there.

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  1. I’m sorry, but I still think Assange is scum, Hud.

    So is soldier-boy, too.

    I hope the cyber-geeks get nice cells next to the bikers who make all the pretty boys their bitches.

    That’s how I truly feel about hackers.

    I’ve had money stolen (or attempted stealing) from me online at least twice that I’m aware of.
    I hate to think these guys will steal nuclear secrets next. Details of many of our most secret weapons programs have already been stolen.

    Having worked in a secure facility and having seen many people come in and out who are computer experts, while I can assure you that most of them are close-to-normal people who respect the integrity and security of society there’s always a certain percentage who are malcontents and socially inept that get it into their heads that the chicken is ripe for plucking… and a plucking they will go when nobody is looking. They almost always give themselves away by bragging proudly about breaking the law because it’s human nature to gab. It’s almost a necessity to say something about what you’ve done even if it’s against the law.

    While it’s nice that some of the memos leaked give you a clear idea of how big of scumbags our current administration officials are, the unfortunate reality is that most ideologues overlook this.

    Most of us except the truly stupid or naive among us acknowledge that the highest-level political types are crooks. There are very exceptions.

    Many people will not even pay attention and keep on pulling the lever next to the party they’ve voted for their entire life.

    The willfully ignorant and VERY stupid people are voting right now. This is far, far worse in big cities than the rural areas.

    • Assange is only doing dissemination. Yes, he is dealing in stolen property. But so were the people disseminating Climate Gate emails. And I consider them heroes. They exposed a great corruption. I won’t go as far to say Assange is a hero, he is a political opportunist and as a lefty, does not really have noble intentions in the long term. But I do think there is some good that may come of this. A lot of stuff has been aired that needed to be said about Russian, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. The media wasn’t saying it. Now they are talking about it.

  2. George C is right on
    Notwithstanding there is another important aspect which is, in my view overriding, loooonnngg overdue
    and extremely important

    The state department and the CIA and FBI and Intelligence agencies as well as the Defense Dept and Justice Dept under Holder, have been irretrievably corrupt.

    Let’s focus on the State Dept since the leaks involve it. Since the ’20s it has been owned by the Saudis and the Commies. This has been shown endlessly(see KGB doc releases, HUAC, Alger Hiss, etc) and has always resulted in diminishment of American Interests prolonging the cold war and covering up for America Haters and Jew Haters.

    The State Dept covered up for the ex-Mufti(of Jerusalem) ‘s war crimes among countless others and has been the home of American Commies (supporters of the USSR) for many decades.
    Its workers have been on and continue to be on the payroll of the Saudis

    None of these Government Agencies has been investigated or cleaned out in spite of many incidental exposes through the years. The reason is, in my belief, because the American people have not demonstrated sufficient outrage to cause Congress to make those things a priority.

    In order for that to happen, the American People have to DEMAND that Congress do this.
    This is one of the PRIMARY DUTIES OF CONGRESS but no Congressional Leaders have been willing to step up to the plate since what happened to Joe McCarthy.

    It needs to be pointed out that McCarthy was correct proven in hindsight and he deserves to be LIONIZED and rehabilitated and a spotlight needs to be shone on “McCarthyism” and it needs to be properly VINDICATED. In paraphrased the words of Barry Goldwater: Extremism in in defense of Liberty is no Vice and Moderation in opposition to corruption, and Treason is no Virtue.

    This is the unintended consequence of this Wikileaks affair. Should sufficient outrage be generated, perhaps we can clean up some of the corruption in these Government Agencies, otherwise buried atrocities can be highlighted and addressed and some justice can be achieved. Going forward measures can be taken to give assurance that the cited Agencies remain in service to the American people and not Saudis and Commies.

    • I agree. I think this can have a lot of positive unintended consequences. I frankly hold those calling for Assange’s death with suspicion, “conservative” or lefty. I wonder what they fear being revealed.

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