There, I Said It

Had to to happen sooner or later. Obama did it in 14 months vs 4 years for Bush.

There, I said it. What’s being done can best be called unconstitutional crimes. It has to stop.

If you’re wondering on what basis, I say you an start with the illegal handling of the auto bankruptcies, the illegal pay czar nonsense and go from there. Lawyers will probably have a field day with this administration when the Republicans regain power in November.

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  1. But…but…you haven’t given him enough time to fix the huge mess Bush left us! You’re a racist meanie! Not gonna listen, lalalalala… [/sarc]

    There…did I cover all the left-side talking points?

  2. The problem though is that you mentioned “lawyer,” Hud…

    The American Bar Assoc is one of the largest Democratic contributers!

    I have doubts they’re going to go after Obama who IS ONE OF THEM…

    As lovely as it make look on someone’s resume to be the one who impeached the guy, can enough votes be gotten to actually do this in Congress let alone assemble a ballsy enough prosecuting team?

    Seriously, they’re mostly craven crooks.

    As much as I’d like the Weasel/Obummer out of office ASAP, I just don’t think it will happen before November 2012…

    Obama’s been enabled by just about all the Powers-That-Be from media to the Washington establishment. Will they be honest enough to admit the guy has been a HUGE mistake and one of the Biggest Crooks in Western government?

  3. James, I just saw your Capitalism versus Socialism piece and this along with your piece on Big Government versus Little Goverment has made me a fan. Please keep up the good work, your positive social educational “memes” are just what the Doctor ordered for our ailing society.

  4. I think his giving China eminent domain on US lands as collateral on our debt is going to come back and bite him on the rear end. And could very well be an impeachable offense.

  5. I hope so, Nalora.

    My concern though is that so many people have been indoctrinated to believe that patriotism is racism that they forget we have to put our national priorities above the international scene!

    It’s a sad state of affairs but inevitable given the fact that most of us want nothing to do with the educational system beyond getting degrees… It leaves the loonies in charge of indoctrinating kids and the weak-minded who can’t think for themselves.

    Not surprised that Obama did give China that much power. He’s dyed-in-the-wool Red as they come. More people should be realizing that now!

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