Uighurs In Paradise

Apparently Obama saw fit to release some of the Gitmo residents to Bermuda without telling the British. Not only that, they are staying at a guest house without monitoring. What’s next, send more to Tahiti and Cabo?

Yeah, I know, the Uighurs were in the wrong place at the wrong time when we busted the terrorist camps. They were not after us. They were after China. So they were a hot potato, couldn’t send them home, couldn’t release them.

The problem is, if you have terrorists and hold them for years without a trial, do you think they will love you when you let them go? They may not have had a grudge against the US in 2001, but what about now?

We’ll see if Obama’s reckless ways will come back to bite us.

The 4 Uighurs are happy now.

“In Guantanamo Bay, there’s no friendliness,” added Salahidin Abulahad, 32. “The people here have been so friendly, they come and hug us. Bermuda had the courage to step and do this – it’s a small place but it has a big heart. This is where we want to stay.”

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