What Happened in WI

Early today the Democrats were hooting that they just got a supreme court justice elected. That would have thrown the whole union debate in their favor as they wanted to throw the recently passed law out. Not so fast. It seems over 7,000 votes weren’t counted for the Republican, Prosser. Now he has a lead too big to overcome.

The Democrats tried to pull another Minnesota, where they lose until they “find” the votes they need to win. The have done this multiple times in other states like Washington where the current governor never deserved to be there, nor did the current senator. As for California, I find it strange that L.A. and San Francisco always comes in last with the votes. It seems like they exist to “find” the votes needed so Democrats keep getting elected.

It’s a serious problem where there is so much blatant corruption in elections. Next year we will be voting to see whether or not President Obama will be sent back to Chicago. Wisconsin lucked out this time, the crooks didn’t get away with their game this time. We have to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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  1. If you want to see who gains most from voting fraud, look at who is always trying to keep it viable: the democrats. They block any attempt at Voter ID bills with a vehemence they otherwise reserve only for abortion issues. “It’ll disenfranchise voters!” they cry, reeling off a list of idiotic reasons why it’s vaguely remotely sorta possible some voters might not be able to get some kind of ID. Leaving aside the point that if someone is too stupid and addled to even handle getting ID maybe they shouldn’t be voting, every illegal vote disenfranchises a legal voter, too. Republicans have said over and over again if there are people who truly have an issue with getting out to obtain ID, paraplegics or people who weight 1500lbs or whatever, then deal with that problem. If people need food aid, we have food stamps–we don’t decriminalize shoplifting from Safeway.
    What it boils down to is both sides think voter fraud is an issue, but one side, oddly, doesn’t want to do anything about it. I wonder why?

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