World Disaster Map

An interesting map based in Hungary that shows incidents all over the world. Just what some superhero could use.

Meanwhile, you have to wonder, after this massive quake in Japan, if it won’t happen here in California in the near future. When Quake happen one place, they often reverberate elsewhere along the ring of fire. I see from this map that they are having quakes in Alaska now.

UPDATE: According to the disaster map, small quakes are hitting parts of California and New Zealand now.

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  1. Oh, the big one’s going to happen in California some day in the near future… Don’t know if that means 10 years from now, 1 month from now, or 100 years. IT’S GUARANTEED TO HAPPEN because of the pesky San Andreas faultline. Leave it to Californians to build cities bordering on or near one of the worst fault lines on the planet!

    (There have been quakes in the Midwest, too, but I’ve never actually felt one although supposedly a few have mildly rocked Ohio in the past few years. Guess all that farmland is good for something besides growing crops and raising pigs and cows!)

    I bet you ten to one that even the older pre-1980s spec Japanese homes would survive better than Cali’s current homes.

    But what are we talking about? Cali’s a state that lacks good planning for the brush fires and mudslides that happen every year!

    IF I ever move to California, I’m considering placing the bulk of my “breakables” in my old room at my parents’ house. I just don’t trust the ground there. Although I’ve never been in an earthquake myself, I did see the results of one on a family trip in the late 1980s. There was a very obvious gash in one of the mountains along the freeway as our family drove up the California coast. Also saw a motorcycle nut lean his bike real low as he was passing by traffic moving at legal speed on a road high up in the mountains.

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