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  1. To me, the funny thing about Olbermann is how he characterizes O’Reilly as a super-pompous Ted Baxter-type (which, to be honest, he does sometimes comes off that way).

    It’s funny primarily because, behind the scenes (and, honestly, during pretty much every “Special Comment” he’s ever done), he’s apparently ten times as bad as O’Reilly. Even Ted Rall, a cartoonist as liberal as can be, has stated that O’Reilly works in a relatively pleasant fashion on set and has a good working relationship with the folks there (I know the Inside Edition meltdown tape might make people not believe that, but, honestly, I’d argue that’s just the pent up frustration for working on Inside Editon, but I digress).

    The only way Olbermann could be more like Ted Baxter would be if his hair went shock-white and he started announcing Super Friends cartoons.

      • It’s weird, because I think when he does an opinion piece on air, he legitimately believes in what he’s saying; he just does it in this puffed-up, self righteous manner that makes whatever the message may be seem unintentionally funny. Ben Affleck did a great spoof of it on SNL a few years back, and it was pretty much spot on.

        •  Notice that nobody who has ever worked with Olbermann extensively is defending him.  They pretty much all think he’s a self-centered, pompous egotistical prick…

          FYI, from what I gather the O’Reilly set is mostly pleasant.  I’ve heard the set crew laugh at times and O’Reilly didn’t seem to be offended.  In fact, there seems to be a certain amount of deprecation encouraged on set…

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