Worst President Ever

According to Donald Trump, Obama is the worst president ever. I agree, as his terrible speech yesterday showed, the president has no ideas other than raising taxes and make government bigger, Which are two of the worst things you can do, even in good times. If high taxes solved problems, they’d never have been lowered. The fact is, high taxes hurts the economy. JFK lowered taxes in the 1960s from insanely high levels and the economy boomed. Government can’t do anything right as we’re witnessing every day. Making it bigger only makes certain it will all collapse sooner. Obama seems hell bent on making us the next Greece.

But Trump, who is winning over some people, was calling Obama potentially a great president before he was sworn in. Despite claims to the contrary, Trump was a McCain supporter it turns out. But I think his comments on Obama here have changed because he’s seen what Obama is made of now.

Being shills for the state, the press is going to try to tear down Trump now because he’s going after Obama. The problem for them is, Trump’s very media savvy and knows how to play them. As for Obama, Jay Cost at the Weekly Standard, one of the best political analysts working today, said it best about this president. He’s just plain bad at politics. What seemed like a brilliant campaign in 2008 was more like a clever opportunist being at the right place at the right time. Now that he has the job, he’s shown he’s incapable of doing it. And that’s bad for everyone. His policies effect the world. The fact remains that everything is looking bad for America as long as he’s in power.

We’re all waiting to see who gets to run against him. So far, Trump is making a good play.

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  1. Gee,

    If this were a white guy, Hispanic, or Asian fellow, there’d be no problem calling Big Obummer on what he is…

    … a complete and utter failure getting by on liberal guilt and a geared race system that doesn’t hold everybody to the same standards.

    He’s the poster boy for why Affirmative Action doesn’t work. It allows mediocre people without skills to get to posts where they have neither the life experience nor common sense to get the job done.

    Hate to say it, but this is the reality of what I’m seeing with Black America today.
    Sure, are exceptional Black Americans out there proving that they’re not held back by the liberal establishment but I’ve seen too often that mediocrity is the accepted standard.

    My last academic experience — what a crying shame… No basic common sense, commitment, or maturity amongst easily 95% of my class… and I was in a class that was easily half Black or greater. They were the least motivated in the group and the worst partners to work within groups. Not a single one that really had drive or ambition to truly better themselves. It was all about partying and getting high over the weekend.

    (I could say a lot of this stuff about college life in general but this was an instance where the average person was in their mid-20s and up. By that time, you’ve GOTTA grow up and take stock of your life!!!!)

    I’ll continue to look for qualified individuals of integrity but I’m not holding my breath.
    The last decent Black national leaders died in the 1960s I’m afraid. There are some good guys locally but not on the state or national levels that I can see. Those guys are just money-grubbers and back-feeders off the the slops of federal waste and indifference.

    Damn shame the first Black President in the US had to be the worst President in US history, period.

    The European no-intelligentsia can get off their crosses and stop castigating the US for not electing this caliber of ethnic mediocrity before. They’ve proven time and again that they only elect WHITE incompetents and truly sneer down at non-Caucasians. You only have to look at the monthly diplomatic gaffes the French commit.

    We in the US have grow up and stop worrying so much about what our esteemed cousins overseas think and clean up the mess of our house starting by voting out Obozzo come the next election.

    We can’t afford 4 more years of his nonsense.

    He’s shown in his recent speeches that diplomacy and tact are completely out of his character. He’s a freakin’ moron.
    Anybody with a Fifth-Grade reading comprehension out to know he was insulting their intelligence.
    This Man-Child does NOT deserve more time in office. Unfortunately, he will live like a hog for the rest of his life off the rest of us. May History be wise in retrospect and inform those that pay attention. We don’t want a clown like that in any kind of important power in the near future again, period.

  2. Ever since Barack Obama became President of the United States, right-wing racism has been on an epic scale of a rise. Mostly here as Sodahead. So much to the point that as of today, it’s now being disguised as “Patriotism”. But it’s not. There’s nothing patriotic about this disgusting display of behavior.

    We are constantly attack by them as “playing the race card”. They also say that the “race card” is “played out” “maxed out”. But that comment are usually made the people who obviously choose to live in denial. They want to pretend racism is dead, but it’s not. The right’s racism here is so obvious that they don’t even try to hide it anymore, but instead they choose to deny it. All for the sake of justifying their racist behavior, not to mention using scapegoats like Allen West.

    Just type in “racist Obama” of the search engine and you’ll see what I mean.

    They lie about Obama constantly!

    They lie about his successes as President.
    They lie about his policies.
    They lie about his friends and family.
    They lie about his past.
    They lie about his religion.
    They lie about his ideology.
    They lie about his birthplace.
    They lie about the tea party’s blatant racism
    and it goes on and on…

    As someone said:

    “Paranoia is a really sad thing. This President has not lied, has not deceived, and has been straight with the American people from the start. You are not telling the truth when you say “In the United States there is great deference paid to the occupant of the
    White House.” Since before this man was even nominated by his party the Right Wing attacks and lies about him have been incessant. You accused him of “palling around with terrorists” yet he has done more to keep this nation safe FROM terrorists than the previous administration ever did. You accused him of “wanting to take away everyone’s guns” and two and a half years later, when nothing of the kind has even been suggested, you continue to repeat the lie. You call him a “socialist” and a “communist” and yet you refuse to acknowledge that nothing of the kind is happening. You accused him of creating “Death Panels” when the facts are that he has ELIMINATED them. You even accuse him of lying about his own birth, when a mountain of evidence to the contrary has proven you wrong for three years. And as far as the economy, you have seen with your own eyes the harm that endless tax cuts for millionaires has caused and you have seen the devastating attacks from the Right on the rights of individual Americans, yet you actually support those who are taking your rights from you and attacking the man who stands up for those rights.

    And the worst part is the racism you people on the Right throw into every discussion of every issue. It is not the President who “relies on his skin color to intimidate, either outright or by insinuation, those who oppose his radical agenda”, it is you who rely on HIS skin color to lie, attack and insult.

    None of you even listened to what the President had to say about our economy. You attack one of the most honest and straightforward statements any President has even given the American people. You cannot point to a single lie in the entire speech, yet without even listening you attack. You actively campaign against your own interests and attack the man who protects those interests for you. You turn a blind eye to people like John Boehner who would hold YOUR rights hostage in order to feed their corporate masters. You fantasize about “the evil George Soros” yet you ignore the reality of the corporate takeover of the Republican Party.

    You don’t give a damn about “the welfare of the American people”. If you did you would not be playing the Haters game. Use your minds. Think for yourself. GROW UP already.”

    Obama is NOT a communist.
    Obama is NOT a Marxist.
    Obama is NOT a socialist. (It was a B.S. slander created by someone from faux news.)
    Obama is NOT a Muslim.
    Obama was NOT born in Kenya.

    All this is just a cesspool of lies, slander, denial, and hatred. Fueled by racism and bigotry. Fueled because a black man became President of the United States.

    • No one cares about his race. They care about his inability to do his job, his willingness to harm the country, to make bad decisions that are detrimental to everyone’s future. He has been an abject failure. He has had no successes.

      People who shout racism are the real racists, because they are saying that people of color can’t be judged like everyone else. Well, guess what? Yes they can!

    • Q.

      You’re a damn fool.

      You’re either a recent graduate of public schools or the Ivy League.

      Yes, we can judge people by the same criteria regardless of skin color.

      The problem with Obama is that he has NEVER been judged by the same criteria in the press as all the other presidential campaigners and politicians before him, period!

      The more people like you step aside from this issue — the fact that Obummer is NOT being treated the same way as Trump, McCain, Clinton, and the rest are — the easier it is to see that you are not living in the same world as the rest of us.

      Only a racist and paranoid person who’s afraid of general standards for everyone makes the arguments that you’re making…. Special exceptions and hands-off policies result in abject failures in the real world. The affirmative action and double talk you’re fond of have enabled the failures we’ve seen in many cities and states across this world… AND, by the way, since you’re so enamored of leftwing special treatment, why is it that NONE Of the Western European nations have elected non-Caucasians to highest offices???? I mean, they’re so much more advanced and more intelligent than feeble-minded Americans, right????

      You’re also from the same group who said a Black man would never get elected President in the first place!

      You can’t have it both ways and expect to be taken seriously by hard-working people who know the history of the country and the general way people live here.

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