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  1. Word on the street is that Windows 8 will require 1.5 terrabytes just for the operating system itself.

  2. Chrome OS is coming out in November. Cloud based OS will probably be a common thing in the future, and that will leave a tiny footprint on a “hard drive” (now known as flash drives).

  3. Most Flash drives stink…

    USB-based Flash drives are too slow and the other Flash drives are in many cases impractically small.

    I can easily fill 250GB with video in my sleep…

    When an affordable high-speed Flash drive hits over 500 GB, wake me up then.

    That's my main problem with a lot of the non-magnetic HD's… They're just not affordable for what I need.

  4. Yes, they have an OS that is based on internet and cloud computing, which runs lightning fast because it is not concerned with desktop programs and files.

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