2 To the Chest Graphic Novel coming soon

I am busy putting together a collected trade of my comic 2 To the Chest. All the work is done and will be finally collected in print and in digital format.

The art is by Jose Aviles, writing by myself. I self-published it 10 years ago but the last two issues never came out due to problems I had printing it overseas.

The new one will all be available worldwide via Amazon and through better booksellers. Retailers who are interested in ordering it can contact me through this site.

Troy Geist is a young cop who’s shot while pursuing a murder suspect. Troy has a near death experience where he leaves his body and sees the suspect hide evidence in bushes a block from where he was shot. When he recovers weeks later, Troy goes looking for that evidence and finds it. In doing so. Troy unleashes a Pandora’s box of trouble as several mysterious groups try to get it. What they are after is a mystery which may be the answer to the greatest mystery of them all.

The book should be available digitally next week and in print the week after.

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