3-D Printed Arms – $100

I’ve talked about the wonders of 3D printing many times on this blog in the past. The day is coming when you can go to a local store and order up darn near anything on demand and it can be manufactured right there. But already 3D printing is being used to make everything from construction materials to prosthetic limbs. In the Sudan, a company is making them for the victims of war and they are only $100!

When you tale out the overhead inb manufacturing, the cost of goods becomes really inexpensive. Think about it. No factory, no mass of labor costs and so on. Just a small company with a 3D printer and the materials used to print it. Then shipping.

A company called Not Impossible Labs has come up with one of the best uses for 3D printer technology we’ve ever heard of: printing low-cost prosthetic arms for people, mainly children, who have lost limbs in the war-torn country of Sudan.
The project was the brain child of Mick Ebeling, founder of Not Impossible, a company dedicated to “technology for the sake of humanity.” Not Impossible is probably best known for its “Eyewriter” eye tracking glasses, created with free open source software, that helped a paralyzed graffiti artist draw and communicate using only his eyes.

Project Daniel started in 2012, when Ebeling read a story in Time magazine about Daniel Omar, a then 14-year-old Sudanese boy who lost both his hands from a bomb.

It inspired Ebeling to assemble a team capable of creating a low-cost, 3D-printed prosthetic on consumer-grade 3D printers. The team included the South African inventor of the Robohand, an Australian MIT neuroscientist, a 3D printing company in California and was supported by Intel and an engineering company called Precipart.

The arms they developed are inexpensive enough to be available to anyone who needs one, costing around $100 to produce, and can be printed in about six hours, reports Time’s Harry McCracken.

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