Well, I am down to 305. My goal has been to get below 300 and I am almost there.

After that, 25 pound increments. 275, 250, etc. Ultimately I want to be under 200 pounds. For a tall person like me I will be very lean but that’s what I want. Never been lean before so I think it will be an interesting challenge to see if I get there.

So far so good. That last 5 pounds I hope to lose by next week. I already look way better than I did two months ago. I have come a long way.

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  1. Congrats on that. The good news is it gets easier as you go. The body learns, the cells ‘get’ your new metabolism. Congrats again. Stay with it.

    • cut out all junk food and sugary drinks. cut food portions to a third of what you normally eat. Watch the kinds of foot you eat also, Thats it. And get some exercize like walks

      And it will come off like magic

      Its that simple. when you cut the crap out of your diet you stop wanting it and you get used to less food. Your body doesnt need that much. Juet like 1400-1800 calories a day max/. A lot of people eat 3000 a day

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