$60 Billion a Year

I’m working on an article about waste, fraud and abuse in government programs. I came across this segment from 60 Minutes of all places, discussing how much Medicare fraud costs the government every year. They say $60 million. I’ve seen numbers as high as $80 Billion, or 20% of every dollar Medicare pays out. The government pays out as much as $2 trillion, yes, trillion a year in Medicare costs. And they want to make a bigger government program. Got that?

Now check this out if you haven’t seen it.

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Medicaid fraud costs states huge sums every year as well. In many cases billions. And the states are all strapped for cash. That’s money that could go to pay for teachers, cops, firemen, services. We can’t trust the government to control more of the health care industry if they can’t even police the way they’re being robbed, or the degree to which it is happening. Yet, they show no interest in dealing with it beyond the usual lip service. They always say they’re going to fix it but they never do.

Meanwhile, in the absurd Pelosi health care bill has a provision to punish states that pass tort reform laws, despite that fact that such laws could save at least $54 billion a year. [ht: Gateway Pundit]

The fact is, the government wants to control health care because once they control health care, they control your life and death issues. They can use that to dictate every aspect of your life. They have already started to do that in Europe. The last thing we want is for this to happen here.

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