A Judge Dredd Movie?

They’re trying to relaunch the character with an all new reboot film, with completely different people (including the writer of 28 Days Later). It sounds like they want to stay true to the original comic instead of the lame movie, so it could work. The question is, if it’s really true to the comic, they will never show Judge Dredd’s face. The movie had him wear his helmet for about a minute.

Dredd’s trademark line “I am the law!” was “I am DUH law under Stallone.

If they do it right it could be interesting. We shall see.

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  1. This would be cool if they did it in the CG style of SIN CITY, 300, and to a lesser extent Watchmen. Really capture the color and flavor of the comic’s art style on film. Been a big fan of Dredd myself now for quite a while, a pity he isnt as popular here in North America as he is in England. Fortunately 2000AD is now available as a download purchase.

    Now if Hugo Weaving didnt mind wearing a mask throughout the whole V FOR VENDETTA movie, I’m sure they can find an actor who won’t mind wearing a helmet the whole time. I mean, these actors don’t seem to mind just having their voices heard in animated films, so how is it anymore different than having only their mouths seen on film!

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