Age of Heroes Update

I’m finishing up the second draft of my book as proofreader notes are coming in. And I’m getting very psyched about the whole thing. Those who have had an advance read seem to really love it. I’m going to do at least one more draft to tidy up some areas and expand a little back story here and there.

Meanwhile, Val Mayerik sent me a cool rough of the cover painting he will be doing. I’m hoping to get that shortly. If you want to see the rough it’s on my Twitter feed. Just go there and follow me. The link is on the left.

John Ridgway is busy getting ready for our planned Age of Heroes color trade project and has been doing these cool character drawings. Here’s a couple.

Wex 2

Drake 2

These are of Wex and Drake.

I hope to put up the first part of my novel for people to read this weekend. Just want to get all the edits it before I do that. Keep checking back!

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