American Idol 2/2/11 – The Women

The females contestants got their chance to sing last night and while I think the men have more star quality talent this year, there are plenty of potential winners on the ladies’ side.

Here are my picks for best contenders based on last night’s performances.

Lauren Alaina is 16 going on 30. You would never know she was a teenager based on her confidence and skills. She’s a pro right out of the gate. The only reason she would need Idol is the exposure she would get because she is ready for a career now.

Thia Megia is another teenager who sings like an expert. She has perfect pitch and a really sweet voice. Asian contestants don’t usually do well on Idol but I hope she proves the exception.

Pia Toscano got a standing ovation last night with “I’ll Stand by You.” She’s another one who could start cutting CDs tomorrow. Very professional.

Ashthon Jones is like the second coming of Diana Ross, hopefully without the ego. Haley Reinhart is a great singer. She did not knock it out of the park yesterday, but she is capable. Naima Adedapo did “Summertime”. She seems to be into classics and has been compared to a young Ella Fiztgerald. Lauren Turner has been compared to Bette Midler. Probably because she’s zaftig and has the same hair. But she’s a real powerhouse.

None of the contestants this year are bad. Some of them just made the wrong song choices, which is a killer for the show. Tonight the results will be in and 50 percent of the contestants will be cut from both sides. So it’ll be tough.

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