Another Obama Question

It’s bad enough that the president can easily put aside all the speculation about his birth by obtaining a copy of his original birth certificate and posting it for all to see. But he refuses and has Eric Holder’s Justice department blocking any requests. Now the state of Hawaii is blocking any requests by passing a law. Over a million of Obama’s own money as a candidate and now, untold millions of tax payer dollars are being used to fight these requests. It’s very strange.

But now we have another odd situation. Obama’s Social Security number was issued in Connecticut. Yet he’s never lived or worked there. Yes, the first three digits of your social security number defines the state where you got it. Obama’s first job was in Hawaii. But the social he uses was started after that job.

Add to this the lack of records from his past and it seems a careful job has been done to scrub his background. Now a dodgy social security number. When all of this stuff gets unraveled, as it will someday, I suspect the story will be very interesting.

It looks like a major con job has been perpetrated on the public.

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  1. I imagine there are people “on the job” finding this stuff, but you won’t be hearing about it until 3 months before the 2012 elections.

  2. Truly I have seen a man in BO who makes Clinton look like the most honest President who ever lived…!

    Wow, that’s saying something!

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