I’m down in San Diego finally. It’s like a 2 day trip to drive form Portland (er, Vancouver, WA) and I was born tired when I started because I help load all my stuff in the moving van. I’ve got a lot of boxes of heavy books that I keep meaning to thin out. Actually, I did get rrid of a lot of them but I still have lots more and boxes of my comics.

Now I need top set up my computer and so on. Will post more later today.

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  1. No, more like I’ve been really tired after loading then unloading a moving truck, and driving for 2 days down here. But I’m back today after resting up for a couple of days.

    I’m really mad at myself for not getting rid of the boxes and boxes of books I still have gathering dust. I’ve been saying them for some library in a house I have yet to buy.

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