Bad News of the Day

Al Franken just won the legal case in Minn. which means he be sworn in an senator giving the Dems a filibuster proof majority needed to pass any law they want. Norm Coleman is not fighting any further.

That means all the insane bills that are being written by this out of control government may go through. Including the new Cap and Trade bill.

Let’s hope there are enough sane Democrats who will defect on these monsters.

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  1. At this point? LET THEM FRAK UP THE COUNTRY more and more, now that they have that filibuster-proof majority. They only have till 2010, and by then the Emperor’s clothes (as well as his henchmen in the House and Senate) will be totally off.

  2. The problem is some of the things he wants to do will be very hard to undo. Like socialized medicine (which he calls Single Payer an claims that is not what they want, which is a lie) and cap and trade. These two things fundamentally ruin the US in devastating ways and will trake major social upheaval to undo.

    So we can’t let them succeed in certain areas. We need to fight the stateism and nanny state things they are trying to pass.

  3. I agree.
    Socialized (rationed) medicine is a non-reversible act, like Social Security. If it goes through, we will never be rid of it and it will be used as a club by whatever party is in power to force the population to do whatever they are commanded. You know how, when countries spend more than they make and run a deficit, they never cancel programs like the National Mohair Subsidy but threaten to fire police and close schools? Wait until they can threaten to cancel your cancer surgery.

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