Been Busy

I apologize for not blogging much lately. Been extremely busy with various projects including Blue Cat for Aces Weekly, We’re on the second story line now and we’re having fun. Also working on another Thracius story with Mark Vigouroux and working as a producer on three projects of mine we’re trying to get adapted to film. That’s exciting. I will hopefully be able to talk about that some more soon.

In the mean time I have had plenty to say about all the madness going on in the world of politics but others are doing that well and for now I dont feel like it. Watching things play out the way they are is distressing but what can you do?

I’m hoping to resume my podcast interviews soon. I recently moved to a different part of San Diego and have been busy with that along with everything else.

Sp far this new year has been productive. Hope it has been for you all as well.

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