Bilderberger Attendees

For decades the media would paint anyone who claimed the Bilderberger group exists as crazy. But in this day and age they can’t hide their existence anymore, so the media just calls anyone who claims there’s something bad going on there as crazy. Yet this highly secretive group of elites, which meets every year to to discuss global trends and strategies, hides their goings on as much as possible. Thanks to we have a list of the attendees this year.

The question is, if this group is nothing more than a bunch of people trying to discuss policies in order to form a consensus why do they work so hard to keep those discussions a secret? Why are the attendees made up of elites from the groups of politics, banking, business, the military and news media? All the branches of society that control it. Why isn’t any transparency allowed?

For the record, asking questions isn’t crazy or stupid. Mocking people for doing so is.

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    • Yes, it’s easy to joke about it but the public deserves to know what’s being said when people this powerful get together and talk about things that effect their lives. 

        • Note also that we haven’t heard what else went on and was said AFTER Manka was forcibly ejected.  I sure as heck haven’t read it.

          Somebody certainly didn’t like what Manka was saying…

          As much as I have some problems with Alex Jones — he’s got some Glenn Beck-isms, too, and  you have to wonder about HIS angles on events and what $$$ he’s making off this, too — he occasionally brings up legitimate points that beg further investigation.

          These meetings of high-level government types and billionaires — they have to be watched like a hawk just like anything that goes on in Congress.  Don’t think for a minute that these people WON’T engineer events to benefit themselves and their offspring at the expense of the rest of humanity.  They are that vain and venal.  A weiner like Weiner is just a small sample of WHAT IS WRONG with the elected officials worldwide; he’s just a psychologically-crippled putz that the elite allowed to play in their sandbox.

          This is yet again another example of the MSM’s utter failure to police the elite politicians let alone their own cesspool of an industry.  It doesn’t hurt and certainly makes the point that a fair portion of the people who attend these meetings ARE CEO’s of the companies that own the MSM.

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