DC finally reprinting my Lex Luthor comic

DC will be releasing a trade paperback in February featuring the best of Lex Luthor stories and my Unauthorized Biography is one of them. Hoo hah!

Lex Luthor is the most powerful man in Metropolis. So what’s next on his horizon? The White House, naturally! It was only a matter of time before billionaire Lex Luthor ran for the highest office in the land. And besides bringing him victory, Luthor’s campaign for the presidency is calculated to bring maximum grief to the Man of Steel. This title collects SECRET FILES: PRESIDENT LUTHOR #1, SUPERMAN #162-163, SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL #110, SUPERMAN: LEX 2000 #1, LEX LUTHOR: THE UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY #1, plus content from ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #581 and #586, SUPERMAN #164-165 and SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL #108-109.
On sale FEBRUARY 21 • 296 pg, FC, $29.99 US • ISBN: 978-1-4012-7765-9”

Writing Comics Again

I’ve been pretty busy writing comics lately for several small press companies as well as working on some stuff or my own. One of the stories I have been doing is called Silk and Stone and is about a couple of adventurers in a kind of steam punk style world where all the people look like dogs and cats. It’s a fun little story with Cesar Madarro. I have also written a bunch of Beetle Girl stories for Lucky Comics and I have developed a new superhero for Surprising Comics. Both Lucky and Surprising are companies dedicated to bringing fun superheroes back to the comics world.

Here’s the first page of Silk and Stone so far. Enjoy.

I have to redo my site. Thanks, Jetpack!

I hadn’t looked over my site in awhile thinking the last time I updated it, it looked good. That was last year. I was going to do an annual redo but I was horrified to discover all the work I did was gone. All the images and links to my comics pages was missing.

It turns out the Jetpack wordpress tools that are offered as this great thing a couple versions ago decided to eliminate a lot of the widgets and I was unaware of this.

So now I have to do a major redo of my pages. I have been holding off because I am trying to finish a bunch of comics scripts I’ve been working on lately, but I will be doing it probably after the first.

Sorry for the missing info if you were looking for it. I’m shocked that WordPress would allow such a thing.

I Won an Ink Pot Award

San Diego Comic Con International 2017 ended on Sunday. I have finally caught up on some much-needed rest. And I want to say I had the best time ever at a Comic Con. I was an invited guest which means they put me up in a swank hotel, kept me fed, provided me with an electric scooter which I needed and on the last day presented me with this Inkpot Award which is for my career in comics and the excellence of the work I have done.

It was very nice and I feel honored. I also got to see a lot of long time friends and catch. Many a good dinner and conversation was had. My next con, unless I get invites in between, will be at San Diego Comic Fest in April.

Comic Con – San Diego

I will be at the San Diego Comic Con all week starting today July 19-23. I am a special guest this year. I have a panel dedicated to my career on Sunday at noon.

If you are going to can find me at the guest table in artists alley near the door, all the way against the far wall. Look for my banner.

Hope to see you there!

Happy 4th of July

We may get knocked a lot these days, but the United States has mostly been a force for freedom in the world. For progress. Which is more than can be said for most nations. Plus we have been a leader since the 1940s.

Considering that people flock here from all over the world, it should be celebrated and we do. Happy 4th!

Dear CNN

Dear CNN: Before you lecture people on how they should behave please explain why you speculated on the president getting assassinated before he was sworn in. Why did you employ a person who was photographed holding up his severed head and why did you finance a play where he was assassinated? Why did you lie about him being a pawn of Russia for a year then now act like that never happened? Why did you put on a man who rushed the president’s stage when he was a candidate and act like he was a hero?

If you’re so concerned about how reporters are treated why did you not complain about President Obama sending reporters to jail? Why didn’t you complain about that same president spying on reporters?

Here’s a news flash for you, you’re a joke who has been lying to the public for decades. You used to employ people who took money from Saddam Hussein while they reported on the Gulf War. Your own people say the Trump/Russia story is a ‘nothing burger’ and you do it for ratings.

Few people believe you anymore. Your self-righteous act is a farce like your so called news.