Back to Work

My leg has healed and I am not waiting for a prosthetic which is being made for me. They tell me its about three to six months before I can walk again without assistance. The new legs are very advanced. They are basically bionic on a crude scale but still very advanced. They have microprocessors which control the hydraulics in the knee and so on. They have to be powered every night while you sleep so alas, they aren’t easy to use in case of nuclear war or a zombie apocalypses. But they do work even if the power dies, just not as well.

I will get two legs. A less advanced one for learning on which will be my spare, and a more advanced one when I am ready for it. I really look forward to walking again, let me tell you. I am sick and tired of being in a wheelchair. I did not expect to be here that long.

Anyway, I am starting to look for work again. I am also getting back to my writing after almost a year of not doing much because my mood was not there. But I am getting back into the spirit, working on my Age of Heroes followup to Hell’s Reward. And also my superhero series which I have been thinking about for almost 20 years now. I am not thrilled at all with the comics I see today. This is partially my answer to that even though it will be a series of novels.

I also have various comics projects in the works including a series I am in the middle of finding an artist for right now. It is also a superhero series and I hope it will shake things up because i am bored to death with the stuff I am seeing from the majors these days. They seem to have gone off their rocker. But it’s not my problem. I am going to do what I want, the way I think it should be done. We’ll see how people respond.

There is a lot of things that need to be said, need to be told. And I’m really to do it.

Healing Fine So Far

I saw my doctor on Thursday and he told me I don’t need a dressing anymore. And the pain is mostly gone. I get some phantom limb pains sometimes and the occasional spasm but for the most part I am on the road to mending, It’s a relief I don’t have to change a dressing twice a day or even once a day anymore.

I have tons of wound care supplies in my closet. Enough to start a hospital. I may give it to some charity or back to the VA if they will accept it.

It’s going to be another month before they remote the staples from my wound. I have 58 of them in a line under what remains of my right leg. There is some fading bruising but there is no more drainage. The wound healed and closed up. I am not two weeks from my operation, I see the surgeon on Tuesday.

Life without a leg is strange but I got used to it fast, After all I didn’t have a foot for almost a year. Halloween will be my anniversary.

I will walk again. I do not give up. And I know it will be hard. That doesn’t phase me. Being in a wheel chair does. I do not enjoy it. I want to walk through the countryside again. Through neighborhoods. Not being able to walk down to the corner store just sucks. Trust me.

So when I heal some more (the bone has to heal also), I will go into physical therapy and work on walking again. Hud 2.0 is coming.

Back from the Hospital

After trying to save my leg after a three week hospital stay, the doctors did an MRI and found my bone infected. The only real course was to amputate it above the knee which is what they did on Monday. I was released on Wednesday and have been dealing with the intense pain ever since. Fortunately it gets better every day. The biggest pain I’ve had has been dealing with getting in and out of bed. For some reason that hurts the most. Once I am in my wheel chair I can manage.

Not having a right leg is hard to believe, especially since I had one up until this year. Now I have to deal with physical therapy once my leg heals if I want to walk again, which I do. I do not want to be in a wheel chair the rest of my life. I will walk again.

But for now I am dealing with healing and rest. Catching up on the TV shows I missed in the last three weeks and getting my thoughts in order so I can get back to writing. I don’t want this leg business to interfere with getting my books out. I lost a year and I don’t want to do that again.

Return to the Hospital

I’ve been back in San Diego for about a month. Sorry for the lack of posts. I do most of my updates on Facebook where I have a decent following. But I wanted to do an update here for anyone who doesn’t see those posts.

The VA here has been very aggressive in treating my wounds. But after some tests and consultations with various doctors I decided after some discussion to check myself into the hospital tomorrow so they can start working on fixing my leg, They did find evidence on infection in my leg bone and it’s not certain yet if I will lose that lower leg bone or not. They want to try various things and the plastic surgeon seems fairly optimistic he might be able to save it. We shall see.

It’s not certain how long I will be in there. At least a week but it could be much longer, I hope not. Basically, I decided to bite the bullet because as long as I am being treated for this wound I can’t work. I am spending too much time with nurses and doctor appointments I really want to get back to work. It’s been too long,

So I am taking my tablet and phone so I will be able to check in. I am hoping this time they can get this thing dealt with so I no longer have to deal with the pain. I really hate hospital stays, but dealing with this nightmare is worse.

When I get back I have a lot of writing to focus on, This leg thing has been too much of a distraction. Wish me luck.

Going Back to Cali

I’m winding down my stay in Texas and going back to California at the end of the month. I’m leaving Temple on Sunday for Austin. Going to see my friends there and take care of any left over business then on July 1st I will be flying back to San Diego. Giving me a week to get ready for Comic Con.

I have a booth, 2306, which is right behind Mark Wheatly and next to DC Comics. If you are coming to the con be sure to swing by and say hi. I have a banner you can look for. Here it is.


I’m looking forward to being home and seeing my family and friends. For the last six months I’ve been away from everyone I know in a strange place. And to make things worse, I didn’t have the means to get around except cab so I didn’t get to do much except sit in my motel room.

Frankly, I am ready to get back to work. I have books to finish and projects to launch. It will be a lot easier when I have a proper environment and all my computers handy.

Hopefully, the healing will really kick in once I am back home where I will be more comfortable.

A Bitter Pill

Today I took another spill in my wheel chair, landing on my stump. You have no idea how much that hurts. This is my second wheel chair spill. This time I thought I was on the good part of the asphalt where there were no potholes. It was downhill but not too steep. Still, something caused my chair to stop suddenly and I went flying. The pain was severe, I yelled in pain. A guy came out of his room at the motel I am staying at and he and his brother helped me back in my chair. I didn’t find out till later that the Y connector where the wound vac tubes that come from my leg feed into a tube leading to the machine was broken and the seal was leaking air. I ended up having to call a nurse in around 8PM to help me fix the problem.

While she was there she went over the pictures of my wound. She is the supervisor over the other nurses that see me. She has years of experience in the wound care field. And looking at my wound pictures, she said I was looking at at least a year to heal.

After all, my wound has gotten bigger in six months not smaller. And I am dealing with lots of pain. It prevents me from getting a decent night’s sleep.

As I said earlier, my doctor wants to amputate above the knee. He thinks the bone is infected. But I need to do an MRI to be sure or a biopsy, neither has been done,

I see him Tuesday and I will have to make a decision, stay on the course I’ve been on which has not been yielding much results, or have the amputation and realize that it will be a lot harder to walk again. In either case it won’t happen this year it looks like. So I am stuck in the wheel chair for now.

And that means I risk my body being so used to being in the chair position I won’t be able to stand straight without a lot of painful therapy.

It’s not a happy subject and to make matters worse, I have been out of work since October and am looking to possibly have a longer haul ahead of me. I can’t continue staying here in Temple, so I will have to decide next week which course to take. Try to stay in Austin or go back to San Diego. Either option has many problems for me to solve.

Who said my life was boring?

The Quantum Terror

I’m happy to announce I’m working on a small film project as script editor/doctor. The film is by a talented Austin based film maker, Christopher Moonlight who also has some connection with the comics biz. He just had a long discussion about the first draft, The film met it’s funding goals on Indy Go Go and we’re hard at work on pre-production.

It’s a horror film with Lovecraftian elements and Christopher is very adept at practical effects. I’m excited to be involved. Here’s the Indygogo page so you can watch his videos. If you are interested in investing we are still seeking funds. Thanks!

Age of Heroes: Heaven’s War Prologue

I will be posting chapters from my upcoming books here and there. It will spur me on to write faster, I think. Especially of you guys ask for them. Here is the opening of my sequel to Hell’s Reward. Enjoy.


“To accept reality is to deal with pain. That is why so many people live in the lands of delusion.”
Antiphontas, Age of Wonders philosopher


There are many ways to commit suicide. The worst ones are when you’re not even trying.

Why did she let herself into this fiasco?

She was on her way to find Drake, to warn him about the Night guild putting a bounty on his head. But on the way out of Lys she ran into Myco the Deft. And he told her how she could score some serious coin if she’d lend a hand to Myco and his crew. It’s a job up the road she’d be taking anyway, so why not? Easy pickings.

The job was supposed to be simple. A caravan would come along that Myco knew was holding some serious treasures. Using his tricks of deception and misdirection, he would keep the guards away from the goods long enough for this crew to get in and make a quick extraction. 

And Myco was good. She’d known him for six years. He worked mainly out of Lys, but moved around like many in the trade. Normally she wouldn’t bother with a caravan job. She didn’t do raids or highway robbery. But Myco didn’t use violence. He was a stealth artist. This would be more like a snatch and grab. She didn’t trust too many people but she trusted Myco’s skills and his mates were known to her.

There was Exl the Ghost. Ever the quiet one, a man of few words, he was a legend for getting into places unseen. Dellas of Umber was a mistress of locks. No safe had ever given her pause, they say. And finally, Mad Jonas may have seemed a nutter to the straights, but he was crazy like a fox. His plans worked like they were blessed, yet they were often as mad as his name implied. He always saw things from an angle no sane person would consider. And some say he had the sight, and knew things others couldn’t guess.

Why they needed her, Reyne didn’t know, but they were good enough company and she could always use some extra coin.

They camped ten miles from Illun, expecting the caravan to pass this way. They chose a hill with a crown of trees, overlooking the road, so they could stay hidden yet see what passed below. They didn’t unpack much gear and didn’t light any fire. When the caravan made camp on their own, they’d be able to swoop in and do their work and leave before anyone knew they’d been robbed. 

Myco knew a good spot nearby the caravan would probably use to spend the night. It was highly unlikely the caravan wouldn’t stay in town. Mad Jonas has been tracking their progress and said the spot below was a perfect place for them to stop for the night. Myco trusted Jonas insight, as odd as it sounded at times. So they waited out the hours, snacking on food, prepping their tools, and getting ready to go to work.  

Dellas brought out a bag of dried fruits and passed it around.

“Twelve wagons was the last report, with six out riders for security. Seems a bit light, don’t it, Myco?”

“They must have some blades riding in the wagons. Can’t all be on horse, Dellas.”

“You said there’d be treasure. Why so few guards?” Reyne said as she sliced up an apple from her pack. “Seems to me, there’d be a lot more if they had valuables.”

“We’ll know the scope of it once Exl has a go at them. He’ll saavy the situation and make a report before we swoop in.”

“Aye.” Exl nodded.

Jonas sat in the trees watching the road. They’d been there for four hours and he never took a break. Suddenly he got up and came over, smiling.

“They’ll be here in fifteen minutes or so.”

He stretched and scratched his arse.

“Don’t know how he does that.” Dellas mused.

“Jonas sees far.” He laughed.

“If you see so good maybe you can tell us what’s inside those wagons.” Reyne said before chewing on an apple slice.

“Lots of items bound for the Castle. Lots of strange items Jonas doesn’t understand.” He shrugged. “But they have to be worth somethin’ fer tis not the first caravan of this type. Oh, no.”

“What castle?” Dellas frowned.

“The castle of Karas Undar. Much has been going to the castle of late. Aye.”

“That old Unwen ruin? Why?”

“It’s being rebuilt and stocked. Many caravans ‘sides this one have been goin’ there from all corners of the realm.”

“But why? Who’s paying for it?”

Myco cut in. “It’s a big mystery, but the kingdoms don’t seem concerned. Whoever’s behind it has greased a lot of palms. And that means, whatever’s in those wagons has to be worth stealing.”

That’s when Reyne started to get the feeling this may have been a mistake.

She wasn’t wrong and knew it soon after the caravan rolled into the clearing.


From Heaven’s War. © 2015 James Hudnall, All Rights Reserved
Publication TBD, hopefully this winter

Not the Best News, But I’m Soldiering On

So last Friday I went in for an overdue debridement, That’s where they cut away dead tissue so the healthy tissue can grow back. I had some in my leg that needed removing because the wound wasn’t healing. I went in expecting to go home not long after the operation. They put me under for it and I woke up to have the doctor tell me I had tunneling all the way to the bone and he thinks they will have to amputate above the knee. He thought the bone was infected and that’s why my stump isn’t healing properly. Instead of going home, I had to stay the weekend in the hospital. Not something I enjoyed, I can tell you, though the Temple hospital is nice enough.

On Monday I told the doctor I wanted to wait till next week before they operate because I needed to think about it. I consulted with two other doctors following my case from afar. One of them had questions I put to my doctor here.

Was the bone infected or not? If not I didn’t want to lose the leg. My doctor here admitted he didn’t do a culture or a biopsy. So he doesn’t know for sure that its infected. So I want to wait a week or so and see if my leg starts healing properly or not. If not I may lose the leg, but I don’t want to rush into it.

The problem is I’m running out of money. I’ve been out of work six months with no income coming in to speak of save for the Gofundme fund and help from the Hero Initiative. I can’t work because I have to stay here in this small town where the central Texas VA hospital is and there is no work for me here, plus I am house bound at present. I am writing but there will be no immediate money there. I don’t have any writing gigs, I’m just working on my novels. And social security has denied me disability over some technicality and are bragging out their decision over whether I am going to get any other benefits. So I am in a weird sort of limbo, hoping my leg heals, not knowing what I’ll be doing next month, if I will be staying in Texas or moving back to California (it depends on if I can afford to stay or not). I’ve been out of work six months and I want to work. But I can’t. I can’t even bring groceries in the door when I come back from the supermarket. My life has been upended.

I just know that I can’t give up or feel sorry for myself, or get angry, drunk, whatever. It won’t do any good and will only make things worse. I hate asking people for money but I have to, until I can make some or something changes for me, and it’s frustrating. I came to Texas because of opportunity and a chance to start a new life for myself. Things did not work out that way. Disaster happened instead, The last time I tried something like that as when I went to Washington to help a friend with a startup and I am still recovering from that decision, but at least it was only money and stuff I lost that time. I sure could use a break. All I can do is keep trying and trust me, I will. Too stubborn to give up.

Thank you, all of you who helped me or just follow my story and care enough to keep interested. It means a lot. It looks like I won’t be walking when convention season starts, I will be in a wheel chair no matter what happens for most of the year. But I am determined to walk again.

In the meantime, I could really use your help getting through this month. Every little donation helps. I am pinching my pennies. But it isn’t always possible. Today I had to take a cab to the store and that set me back $29 in cab fare. Living in motels ate up a lot of my fund the first month. And my bill still got to get paid. I promise I won’t forget your help and if someday you need my help and I can do something, I will. This whole experience has been humbling but also life affirming. I feel more connected to the industry than I have when I was working in it.

And this has gotten me working on several things I hope will be gainfully employing me in the near future. if you can spare some money, I really, really, really appreciate it. Thank you. Here’s my paypal donate button.