Back on My Feet

Today I got my new leg and I start the long road to recovery via physical therapy. I’m told to expect it to take 3-6 months before I can walk without assistance (like a walker or cane). I’ve been in a wheel chair for a year so I don’t expect miracles overnight, but I did take it home with me. And I’m very psyched.


New Secrets of Writing Cover

Thanks to artist Todd Mulrooney we have a spiffy new cover for the Secrets of Writing, which should be out next month. secretsIt’ll feature lots of new material as well as updated content from my writing essays online. Look for more announcements soon.

Hell’s Reward – New Edition

We’ll be releasing a new edition of my first novel Hell’s Reward in the next week or so. I’ve been working on improving the formatting so I can get it in more book sellers and I always wanted a cover that will it in better with book cover design. Here’s a look at the design. I’ll announce the new rel;ease when its ready,


The Secrets of Writing

I am hard at work on finally finishing my book on writing which I started in 1995 and have been excepting on my site for years. I imported it into Scrivener which is the software I use to write these days, and I am redoing large chunks and adding a lot of material. I finally feel ready to release it and hope to get it out by the end of November or early December. We shall see.

It’s a book I wanted to release many times but I felt there was something missing, I now feel I have that covered and I hope it will serve as one of the best writing guides out there.

I appreciate the patience people have shown me for taking so long and the gratitude so many people have given for the stuff I did put online. I will update the blog when I’m closer to releasing it.


The Kingdoms of Westguard

I am happy to report I am hard at work on my next Age of Heroes novel, Heaven’s War. Looking to get it out sometime next year. In the mean time, I have been working with a mapping program to sketch out how the world of Xera looks and where everything is. This map only focuses on the Kingdoms of Westguard, which is where most of the action in the first and second novel takes place. Maris is a large island nation to the west but you can’t see it here.

Now this is a crude map. I hope to have a much more polished version ready when I publish the next novel. I will also update the first novel with the map when I get the chance. I am already working on an updated version of the first book, Hell’s Reward, to include appendices and some better formatting.


UPDATED: 11/3/2015


Back to Work

My leg has healed and I am not waiting for a prosthetic which is being made for me. They tell me its about three to six months before I can walk again without assistance. The new legs are very advanced. They are basically bionic on a crude scale but still very advanced. They have microprocessors which control the hydraulics in the knee and so on. They have to be powered every night while you sleep so alas, they aren’t easy to use in case of nuclear war or a zombie apocalypses. But they do work even if the power dies, just not as well.

I will get two legs. A less advanced one for learning on which will be my spare, and a more advanced one when I am ready for it. I really look forward to walking again, let me tell you. I am sick and tired of being in a wheelchair. I did not expect to be here that long.

Anyway, I am starting to look for work again. I am also getting back to my writing after almost a year of not doing much because my mood was not there. But I am getting back into the spirit, working on my Age of Heroes followup to Hell’s Reward. And also my superhero series which I have been thinking about for almost 20 years now. I am not thrilled at all with the comics I see today. This is partially my answer to that even though it will be a series of novels.

I also have various comics projects in the works including a series I am in the middle of finding an artist for right now. It is also a superhero series and I hope it will shake things up because i am bored to death with the stuff I am seeing from the majors these days. They seem to have gone off their rocker. But it’s not my problem. I am going to do what I want, the way I think it should be done. We’ll see how people respond.

There is a lot of things that need to be said, need to be told. And I’m really to do it.

Healing Fine So Far

I saw my doctor on Thursday and he told me I don’t need a dressing anymore. And the pain is mostly gone. I get some phantom limb pains sometimes and the occasional spasm but for the most part I am on the road to mending, It’s a relief I don’t have to change a dressing twice a day or even once a day anymore.

I have tons of wound care supplies in my closet. Enough to start a hospital. I may give it to some charity or back to the VA if they will accept it.

It’s going to be another month before they remote the staples from my wound. I have 58 of them in a line under what remains of my right leg. There is some fading bruising but there is no more drainage. The wound healed and closed up. I am not two weeks from my operation, I see the surgeon on Tuesday.

Life without a leg is strange but I got used to it fast, After all I didn’t have a foot for almost a year. Halloween will be my anniversary.

I will walk again. I do not give up. And I know it will be hard. That doesn’t phase me. Being in a wheel chair does. I do not enjoy it. I want to walk through the countryside again. Through neighborhoods. Not being able to walk down to the corner store just sucks. Trust me.

So when I heal some more (the bone has to heal also), I will go into physical therapy and work on walking again. Hud 2.0 is coming.

Back from the Hospital

After trying to save my leg after a three week hospital stay, the doctors did an MRI and found my bone infected. The only real course was to amputate it above the knee which is what they did on Monday. I was released on Wednesday and have been dealing with the intense pain ever since. Fortunately it gets better every day. The biggest pain I’ve had has been dealing with getting in and out of bed. For some reason that hurts the most. Once I am in my wheel chair I can manage.

Not having a right leg is hard to believe, especially since I had one up until this year. Now I have to deal with physical therapy once my leg heals if I want to walk again, which I do. I do not want to be in a wheel chair the rest of my life. I will walk again.

But for now I am dealing with healing and rest. Catching up on the TV shows I missed in the last three weeks and getting my thoughts in order so I can get back to writing. I don’t want this leg business to interfere with getting my books out. I lost a year and I don’t want to do that again.

Return to the Hospital

I’ve been back in San Diego for about a month. Sorry for the lack of posts. I do most of my updates on Facebook where I have a decent following. But I wanted to do an update here for anyone who doesn’t see those posts.

The VA here has been very aggressive in treating my wounds. But after some tests and consultations with various doctors I decided after some discussion to check myself into the hospital tomorrow so they can start working on fixing my leg, They did find evidence on infection in my leg bone and it’s not certain yet if I will lose that lower leg bone or not. They want to try various things and the plastic surgeon seems fairly optimistic he might be able to save it. We shall see.

It’s not certain how long I will be in there. At least a week but it could be much longer, I hope not. Basically, I decided to bite the bullet because as long as I am being treated for this wound I can’t work. I am spending too much time with nurses and doctor appointments I really want to get back to work. It’s been too long,

So I am taking my tablet and phone so I will be able to check in. I am hoping this time they can get this thing dealt with so I no longer have to deal with the pain. I really hate hospital stays, but dealing with this nightmare is worse.

When I get back I have a lot of writing to focus on, This leg thing has been too much of a distraction. Wish me luck.

Going Back to Cali

I’m winding down my stay in Texas and going back to California at the end of the month. I’m leaving Temple on Sunday for Austin. Going to see my friends there and take care of any left over business then on July 1st I will be flying back to San Diego. Giving me a week to get ready for Comic Con.

I have a booth, 2306, which is right behind Mark Wheatly and next to DC Comics. If you are coming to the con be sure to swing by and say hi. I have a banner you can look for. Here it is.


I’m looking forward to being home and seeing my family and friends. For the last six months I’ve been away from everyone I know in a strange place. And to make things worse, I didn’t have the means to get around except cab so I didn’t get to do much except sit in my motel room.

Frankly, I am ready to get back to work. I have books to finish and projects to launch. It will be a lot easier when I have a proper environment and all my computers handy.

Hopefully, the healing will really kick in once I am back home where I will be more comfortable.